Parish – St Mary the Great

Site of the grave of Alfred and Alice Hoskison to the south of the Claxton monument

Row 9 grave 14

No monument has been found for this grave which is nine rows from the central path. in an area of dense vegetation. During  seasonal clearance in 2015 this picture was taken of the area.

Suzanne Ridley has supplied us with the following information and photos.

Alfred Thomas Hoskison (1876 – 1939)

Alfred Thomas Hoskison was born in Cambridge in 1876, the son of Charles Joseph Hoskison (1848 – 1894) and Mary Jane Hoskison (nee Studley) (1852 – unknown). Charles and Mary moved from their home at Malton, Yorkshire, in 1874 and settled at 14 Fair Street, Cambridge, where Charles was employed with the firm of F.R. Leach & Sons (Decorative Artists) at City Road. 

The family moved to 124 Gwydir Street along with their other children Lilian (born 1874), Charles (born 1879), Ann (born 1880) and William (born 1882). 

Alfred was a pupil at St Matthew’s Higher Grade Boys’ School at York Street, Cambridge, in 1883. 

By 1901 Alfred was lodging at 2 Granta Place, Cambridge, with the Stallan family, and was working as a foreman for the Anglo American Oil Company (their offices were located at 61 Sidney Street from 1915). He married Alice May Stallan on 14th December 1901 at St. Mary the Less Church, Cambridge. 

Alfred was a keen horticulturist. The Cambridge Independent Press of 8th August 1902 reported on the Cambridge Working Men’s Cottage Garden Society exhibition held in the grounds of St John’s College. Prizes awarded to Alfred included First Place for cut zonal geraniums and a Second Place for begonias.

The Cambridge Independent Press of 5th August 1904 reported on a Mammoth Show held in the grounds of the Leys School, Cambridge, on Bank Holiday weekend, and attended by nearly 15,000 people who listened to military bands and saw attractions such as a public luncheon, a dog show, a horticultural show, Poultry, Pigeons and Rabbits, Cage Birds, Beekeeping and Sports such as cycling and athletics. Alfred received more prizes for his exhibits.

The Cambridge Independent Press of 12th August 1904 reported on a Flower Show organised by the Mill Road, Barnwell and New Town Amateur Gardeners’ Association and held at the Corn Exchange. Alfred received a number of awards.

The Cambridge Independent Press of 4th June 1909 reported on the Cambridge Horse Parade Society’s show, held on Midsummer Common on Whit-Monday, proving ‘one of the chief holiday attractions of the town’. There were 107 entries with the RSPCA awarding brass harness badges to each first prize winner. Under ‘Section C – Vanners’, Parcel Carters’ and Carriers’ horses: Single horses to be shown in two or four-wheel vehicles’ – was a display by A.T. Hoskison for the Anglo-American Oil Company.

A Family day out – Hilda, Alice, Alfred Charles, Queenie and Alfred Thomas.

By 1911 Alfred, Alice and their children Hilda and Alfred had moved to 3 Owlstone Road, Newnham Croft, Grantchester. They then moved to 18 Marlowe Road.

Alfred volunteered as a Special Constable during the First World War, and was sworn in for emergency duty in November 1915. His occupation was ‘van man’.

Alfred and Alice had four children: Hilda Alice May (b 1904), Alfred Charles Joseph (b 1908), Queenie Winifred (b 1913) and Sylvia (b 1916). 

 Alice May Hoskison (nee Stallan) (1874 – 1934)

Queenie, Alice and Hilda inside 18 Marlow Road c 1930ss

Alice May Hoskison was born Alice May Stallan at Cambridge in 1874, the daughter of Matilda and William Patham Stallan of 28 Jesus Lane, Cambridge. William Stallan was employed by letting out horses as a cab proprietor. By 1891 the family had moved to Black Lion Yard, Silver Street, with William employed as a driver and daughter Alice as a domestic servant. 

By 1901 Alice was living with her brother Hammond Stallan (a china and glass dispatcher) and sister Georgina at 2, Granta Place, Cambridge. Two brothers Alfred Thomas Hoskison (a foreman at the Anglo-American Oil Company) and William Henry Hoskison (a tailor) were lodging with them.

Alice married Alfred on 14th December 1901 at St Mary the Less Church at Cambridge. 

Alfred and daughter Queenie in the garden at 18 Marlow Road. c 1930s
Alice and Sylvia Hoskison
Alfred Thomas Hoskison; Alice Mary Hoskison