CFHS code : AG118

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : In Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY HOSKISON d Jul 17 1908 age 26 also LILY ETHEL HOSKISON d Mar 19 1937 age 32

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information amended from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202676, 0.13666964 – click here for location

The visible kerb February 2019

Sadly the monument, which is hidden under bushes, has fallen apart. The substantial corner posts are still there but the kerbs have been displaced and only Lily’s inscription could be found. The metal letters are in good order.


In Loving Memory of WILLIAM HENRY HOSKISON d Jul 17 1908 age 26

Also LILY ETHEL HOSKISON died Mar 19 1937 age 32 years

[we have not uncovered an inscription for Ethel Annie but the grave register shows she is buried here]

William Henry Hoskison  (1882 – 1908)

William Henry Hoskison was born at Cambridge in 1882, the son of Charles Joseph Hoskison (1848 – 1894) and Mary Jane Hoskison (nee Studley) (1852 – unknown). Charles and Mary moved from their home at Malton, Yorkshire, in 1874 and settled at 14 Fair Street, Cambridge, where Charles was employed with the firm of F.R. Leach & Sons (Decorative Artists) at City Road. 

The family moved to 124 Gwydir Street along with their other children Lilian (born 1874), Alfred (born 1876), Charles (born 1879) and Ann (born 1880).

In 1901 William was lodging with his brother Alfred at 2, Granta Place, home of the Stallan family. William was working as a ‘journeyman tailor’. 

On 18th May 1901 he married Ethel Warrington (of 33, Burleigh Street) at the Registry Office at Cambridge. William and Ethel were both aged 19 years. The couple had four children – William Harold (born 1902), Lily (born 1905), Doris (born and died 1906) and Leonard (born in 1908, he worked at the Museum of Zoology at Cambridge for over 30 years).

The family then moved to 4, Eden Street. This area was popular with the tailors and seamstresses of Cambridge who served the Colleges making their linen and robes. William died suddenly at his home at 4 Eden Street, Cambridge, on 17th July 1908, aged 26. He was buried on 21st July 1908 at Mill Road Cemetery (Parish of St Andrew the Great). The post-mortem into his death was reported in the Cambridge Independent Press of Friday 24th July 1908. It cited his death as ‘an unusual case’ in which William had suffered from an enlarged thyroid gland in his throat which had caused suffocation. 

Ethel Annie Hoskison née Warrington (1883 -1938)

Ethel Annie Hoskison was born Ethel Annie Warrington in 1883 at Whittlesford, Cambridge, the daughter of Sarah Ann and James Warrington (a butler).  After James’s death, Sarah married Samuel Gatward, a bookbinder. In 1888 her daughter Ethel was admitted to St Andrew’s Roman Catholic School, Cambridge until admission to East Road Girls’ School in 1892 when the family lived at Orchard Street, Cambridge. By 1901 they were living at 33 Burleigh Street with Ethel working as a domestic servant.

Ethel married William Henry Hoskinson in May 1901. After his death in 1908 she moved with her three young children moved to 1, Adam and Eve Row, Cambridge and Ethel went to work as a ‘college helper’, or bedder.

Jane Barham described Ethel Hoskison’s life in the book ‘Backstairs Cambridge’ (published at Orwell by Ellison’s Editions in 1986) – 

‘Another member of our family who worked as a bedder was my father’s mother whom I called Nanny. She was employed by Emmanuel College, but while great-grandmother [Elizabeth Cable] and [her daughter] Nellie [Cable] had worked to support the family income, Nanny’s wage was the only money she had. Her husband had died when her third child, my father Len, was only six months old: she was left with no pension and three hungry little ones to feed. They lived in Adam and Eve Row, a tiny back street about fifteen minutes’ walk from the college. Nanny worked from six until eleven each morning; rushed home to feed the children; went back to college to wash-up after lunch; came home for tea and returned again from six to eight or nine to wash-up after evening hall. And for that she received just six shillings (30p) a week. Her rent was three shillings and six pence (17½p) which left her only two and six (12½p) to live on. My father says that if it had not been for the kindness of the staff and some students who knew her situation, the family might well have been starving. As it was, he remembers living mainly on bread and milk from the college. Sometimes his mother would go out late at night to scrub a local public house for another sixpence (2½p). 

I can just remember Nanny as a smiling old lady who made a great fuss of me. I sat on her lap one day and she peeled some green grapes and took out the pips before popping them in my mouth. To me she seemed as old as the hills but when I asked my father recently, ‘How old was Nanny when she died?’, he answered, ‘Only fifty-six’. One chipped white plate, with an Emmanuel College Crest of a blue rampant lion on it, stayed in our kitchen for years, a small memorial to a hard life’.

Lily Ethel Hoskison (1904 – 1937)

Lilian (Lily) Ethel Hoskison was born on 30th December 1904 at Cambridge, the 2nd child of William Henry and Ethel Annie Hoskison .  The couple initially lived at 2, Granta Place and had three other children – William Harold (born 1902), Doris (born and died 1906) and Leonard (born 1908). 

The family moved to 4, Eden Street. William Henry  died suddenly at home in 1908 and Ethel moved with her children to 1, Adam and Eve Row, Cambridge. 

Lily was a pupil at East Road Infant School before admission to Barnwell Girls’ School on 1st April 1913. She was a pupil there until 31st March 1915, before attendance at the Higher Grade School at Melbourne Place, Cambridge. 

She died on 19th March 1937, aged 32. An unverified suggestion of the cause of death was TB and consumption.

The Cambridge Daily News of 18th March 1939 carried the following In Memoriam – ‘In loving remembrance of dearest Lily, who passed away March 19th, 1937. Not just for today, but always in our thoughts – from Harold, Louie and Little Peter’. [This was her brother William Harold Hoskison, his wife Louise and their son Peter].

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Information supplied by Suzanne Ridley

Ethel Annie Hoskison; Lily Ethel Hoskison; William Henry Hoskison