CFHS code : AS33

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of KATE WORLAND d Jan 13 1923 age 67 also SARAH ANN JAKINS d Oct 23 1923 age 74

Monument : Kerb stones

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Relationship: cousins

Catherine (Kate) Worland (c.1855 – 13 January 1923)

Kate was the daughter of Charles and Charlotte (née Jakins) and was baptised on 6 September 1857 at St. Andrew the Great church. Kate grew up at 11 St. Andrew Street and Charles was a cellar man, Charlotte a college servant (1861).  Kate worked as a college servant and lived with her cousin Sarah from at least 1881 onwards.  When Sarah married John Jakins, Kate lived with the couple at 38 Park Street and died aged 67 years old.

Sarah Ann Jakins (née Bartlett) (c.1849 – 23 October 1923)

Sarah was born in Birmingham and was the daughter of Charlotte.  She married John Wilkinson Diver (1837-1884) who was a groom/domestic coachman.  In 1871 the couple were living in Wendens Ambo in Essex, and had returned to live at Nine Pins Court in Cambridge by at least 1881. Sarah was widowed in 1884 and then lived with her cousin Kate at Nine Pins Court.  In 1891 she was working as a domestic servant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

She married for a second time in 1894 to John Jakins (1858-1913).  John was a labourer at the gravel works and they lived at 38 Park Street together with Kate. In 1901 Sarah was taken to court by her neighbour  Ellen Taylor accused of assault.  Ellen said Sarah had taken hold of her hair and dragged her into the garden.  Ellen admitted however that she had said John Jakins looked ‘like an italian’ and that ‘she knew defendant’s hair was false because she had seen it off’.    The incident which had sparked the whole affair was that Sarah had remarked ‘what a beautiful landscape’  and because Ellen was wearing a green dress, she had taken this as an offense.   Sarah said in her defence she had been commenting on the trees.  Both John and Kate appeared as witnesses and supported Sarah’s version of events.  Sarah was  fined 5s and the Mayor ‘advised neighbours to be more charitable towards each other, and they would avoid disputes of that kind’.

Sarah was widowed in 1913, and died a few months after her cousin Kate in 1923.



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by Claire Martinsen

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Sarah Ann Jakins; Kate Worland