CFHS code : ML55

Parish : St Mary the Less

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SARAH JOHNSON b Feb 8 1825 d Sep 9 1853 also ELIZABETH JOHNSON mother of the above d Jan 30 1861 aged 61 also WILLIAM JOHNSON husband of the above d Jan 21 1872 aged 75

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Sarah Johnson (8 February 1825 – 9 September 1853)

Sarah was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Johnson and died aged 28 years old.

Elizabeth Johnson (née Fitzjohn) (1799 – 30 January 1861)

Elizabeth was born in Ramsey, nine miles north of Huntingdon and married William Johnson in Ramsey on 5 October 1819.  The couple had at least eight children: Sarah, Fitzjohn (1826-1864), Elizabeth (1827-), Ann (1828-), Mary W (1835-), Eliza (1837-), William (1838-) and Frederick (1841-). William was a greengrocer/fruiterer and the family lived at 5 Tennis Court Road (at least 1841 onwards).

William Johnson (1796 – 21 January 1872)

John was born in Cambridge and ran a market stall.  In September 1841 he was fined 40s ‘for leaving his stall out upon Market-hill after six o’clock in the afternoon of the 31st of August, contrary to the orders of the Commissioners of Paving, which states that no stall to be suffered to remain in the Market-place after six o’clock in the evening from Lady-day to Michaelmas, nor later than four o’clock in the afternoon from Michaelmas to Lady-day, except for Saturdays’.  William did not pay the fine, nor appear in court, so a ‘warrant of distress’ was ordered.  He and a number of other stall holder apparently disputed the right of the Commissioners to enforce the order.

In July 1848 some shrubs and flowers were damaged in William’s garden. The Cambridge Independent Press reported ‘on Tuesday night some foolish individuals amused themselves with the cowardly pastime of inuring other persons’ premised and property, to the amount it is said, of about £40′.  Scrapers, knockers and several signs were taken.  Rev. Roberts of Gonville Cottage, Trumpington Road had ‘all the shrubs and trees…taken down from the wall and destroyed; the scraper was also taken away’. William’s garden along with seven of his neighbours in Tennis Court Road was damaged as part of the ‘spree’.  The newspaper reported ‘the parties are pretty well-known’ and indeed, their names have been mentioned to us; and, should they be brought before a court of justice, they will be taught a lesson which will have a salutary effect’.

By 1871 William was running a Lodging House from Tennis Court Road helped by his daughter Eliza. He died at Tennis Court Road in January 1872.



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by Claire Martinsen

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Elizabeth Johnson; Sarah Johnson; William Johnson