CFHS code : AS319

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH wife of OWEN JOHN JONES d May 29 1891 aged 76 OWEN JOHN JONES d April 11 1874 aged 60 also TTLMO DORA b 2nd April 1844 d 30th March 1933

Monument : Cruciform Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The monument in October 2021. Showing the 2nd monument behind.


The monument is under a tree, to the east of the path, inthe north west corner of the parish of All Saints. The inscription for Dora on the north side is still clear but that of her parents on the south side is very eroded. The monument behind is that of 2 other daughters.


In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH wife of OWEN JOHN JONES
died May 29 1891 aged 76

OWEN JOHN JONES died April 11 1874 aged 60

Also To The Loving Memory Of DORA born 2nd April 1844 died 30th March 1933

Elizabeth Jones (nee Fitch) (1815-29 May 1891)

Elizabeth was born in Cambridge.  She married Owen John Jones  in the village of Cottenham on 7th September 1839, and must have moved to Kent soon after as their first daughter Elizabeth was born in Woolwich in Kent in December 1840.   They had at least seven children together Elizabeth (1840 – 1902), Theodora Fitch (1843-1933), Owen John (1846 – 1850)),  Emma Louise (1849-1925), Alfred William (1851-1926) Owen John (1853 – 1853) and Edward George Fitch (1856-1940). They living in Thompson’s Lane when Theodora  was born, Ram Yard when Owen John was born and then moved to St John ‘s St.
After her husband’s death she lived at 262 Chesterton Road (1901) and later 11 Chesterton Road with her daughters Emma and Dora.  She died in May 1891 leaving effects of £1,171.

Owen John Jones (1813-11 April 1874)

Owen was born in London, the son of William and Sarah Jones.  He was baptised at St Pancras on 30th May 1813.  In February 1828 he was apprenticed to James Willis for seven years to become a vintner. In 1841 he placed an advert in the Cambridge Chronicle advertising his “Provision & Italian Warehouse” at 11 Bridge St.  so may have ben living in Cambridge by then.  

By 1849 Owen was a cook at St Johns College Cambridge.  In 1851 he was living at 43 St John Street with his family and two servants and was described as a college cook employing three men and two apprentices.  At this time he was also a church warden and in 1856 a member of the peace celebrations committee  Crimean War. He was also treasurer of the The Philo-Union or Cambridge Literary Society.

 In 1861 the family were living at 8 St John’s Street, and in 1871 the family were at 20 St John’s Street and had three servants.
Owen  died in 1874 and was described in probate papers as a gentleman. He left effects of under £8,000.

Both of Owen Jones’ sons followed the line of business to become vintners and wine merchants.

Theodora Fitch Jones (2 April 1843 – 30 March 1933)

Theodora was known as Dora, and although the inscription says she was born in 1844, she was in fact born on 2nd April 1843.  She was baptised on 23 April 1843 at St Clements Church and grew up in St Johns Street. She went to school in St Neots, and was a boarder in the 1861 census.  She never married and lived under her own means.  She lived with her sister Emma and mother in Chesterton Road, until her mother died in 1891.  Thereafter she continued to live with Emma and a cook and housemaid at 11 Chesterton Road.  She died in 1933 a few days short of her 90th birthday.  At the time she was living at 10 De Freville Avenue and left effects valued at £1,493.


By Claire Martinsen

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Dora Jones; Elizabeth Jones; Owen John Jones