CFHS code : PL570

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH EVANS ANN MARY beloved wife of GEORGE R KETT born at Islington Feb 9th 1860 died at Cambridge Oct 16th 1913 and of GEORGE ROBERT KETT OBE born at Cambridge Oct 14th 1860 died at Stapleford Cambridge July 1st 1933

Monument : Cruciform Coped stone (mourning woman at base)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Elizabeth and George Kett
Elizabeth and George Kett tomb
The kneeling figure of Mary Magdalene on the tomb
The kneeling figure of Mary Magdalene on the tomb










This tomb forms a group with the other listed Kett, Rattee and Moyes’ graves nearby. It is a chest tomb, carved out of a single piece of York stone, with a cruciform top and coped edges. At one end, carved in high relief, is a kneeling figure of Mary Magdalene holding a jar. There is an inscription to Elizabeth, who died in 1913, and George Robert, who died in 1933.


‘Sacred to the memory of
Elizabeth Evans Ann Mary beloved wife of George R Kett
Born at Islington Feb 9th 1860. Died at Cambridge Oct 16th 1913
and of George Robert Kett OBE
Born at Cambridge October 14th 1860
Died at Stapleford Cambridge July 1st 1933’

Elizabeth Evans Ann Mary Kett (d 1860)

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George Robert Kett (1860- 1933)

George Robert Kett OBE (1860-1933) came from a long line of George Ketts – he was the grandson of the George Kett who in 1843 co-founded the architectural wood and stone carvers Rattee & Kett, and the son of George Kett JP, three times mayor of Cambridge.
George Robert married Elizabeth Coles of London in 1884, and they had three children, Catharine (b 1885), Hilda (b 1887) and George (b 1891). During World War I, George Robert ran the National Service Scheme and became Cambridge’s Executive Officer for Food Control. He was awarded an OBE for his services to the country. His grandfather George Kett is also buried in Mill Road Cemetery.


Elizabeth Evans Ann Mary Kett; George Robert Kett