CFHS code: AG398

Parish:  St Andrew the Great

Kingsnorth monuments 2018


Row 20 Plot 27
Due to the badly eroded stone this monument was not fully identified by the CFHS in their survey of 2000.

We have used the CFHS transcripts of the grave register and burial records to create this post.

Fallen headstone, located in the second row north of the east west path that bisects the parish, at the east end.

This is all that was  recorded of the original inscription and now that the headstone has fallen face down nothing can be seen.

In Affectionate Remembrance of

Lines illegible [Thomas]

The only child of Thomas Brand and Frances Kingsnorth

Relationship: Husband, wife and three sons

The grave register records three members of the Kingsnorth family by name: baby Thomas, his mother Frances and younger brother Frank but adds that a further two bodies are buried in this grave. The parish burial register records Thomas Brand and William as being buried in this parish we have assumed them to be buried here but have no proof.

Thomas Kingsnorth (1857- 1859)
Thomas was the third child of Thomas Brand and Frances Kingsnorth. He died suddenly on January 16th, at the age of 16 months, and was buried the same day. At the time of his death he was the only son.

William Kingsnorth (1887)
William was the 9th child of Thomas Brand and Frances Kingsnorth. He died at the family home in Melbourne Place and was buried on June 15th aged 20.

Thomas Brand Kingsnorth (1830 – 1892)
Thomas was the son of Thomas and Ann Kingsnorth. Thomas snr was a cook and Thomas Brand also became a cook, working at Emmanuel College (1850s) and afterwards at Downing College.

Thomas married Frances Cox on December 26th 1853.They had at least eleven children: Fanny Ann (1854), Caroline (1856), Thomas (1857 – 1859), Louise (1859), Frank (1860), Harry Thomas (1862) Frederick (1864), Alice (1865), William [Gurford or George] (1867), and Charles Brand (1869) and Arthur Gurford (1870),

The children were brought up at 5 Victoria Street and 5 Melbourne Place

Thomas died at 5 Melbourne Place and was buried on June 13th, aged 62.

Frances Kingsnorth (1831 – 1908)
Frances was the daughter of George and Frances Cox. George was a described as a gent on her marriage record but when she was born he was running an innings Slaughterhouse Lane . She died at 20 James Street and was buried on October 7th aged 77.

Frank Kingsworth (1919)
Frank was buried on December 27th.

CFHS Transcripts of parish and census records
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