CFHS code : MC4

Parish : St Michael

Inscription : TT Beloved MO JOHN H LAKE suddenly called to rest Jan 30th 1941 aged 43 ADA MAUD LAKE d 1982 aged 85

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202634,  0.13802863 – click here for location

Lake grave
Lake headstone


This headstone, now fallen and broken, the inscription of which is now illegible, in the parish area of St Michael, is situated beside the path that leads from the eastern path to the centre circle, about halfway along that path on the south side.


[transcript from Cambridgeshire Family History Society]

‘To the beloved memory of John H Lake
suddenly called to rest Jan 30th 1941 aged 43’

‘Ada Maud Lake died 1982 aged 85’

John Horatio Lake (d 1941)

John Lake was killed at 3.57 p.m. on 30 January 1941 by a bomb that was dropped on 130 Mill Road, one of the Railway Cottages by the west side of Mill Road Bridge.

John Horatio Lake obituary

Ada Maud Lake (d 1982)

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Ada Maud Lake; John Horatio Lake