CFHS code : HT339

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SAMUEL BRANCH LAWN d Jan 18th 1881 aged 41 also MARY ANN LAWN d June 3rd 1908 aged 65 In Loving Memory of ALICE MAUD LAWN d July 27 1921 aged 52

Monument : Octagonal plinth, cross lying by the side

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

North east face of  plinth


The grave is eight rows to the left of the south path just before it turns to the north, in the parish area of Holy Trinity.


In Loving Memory of Samuel Branch Lawn who died  Jan 18th 1881 aged 41 years

Also Mary Ann Lawn died  June 3rd 1908 aged 65

In Loving Memory of Alice Maud Lawn died July 27 1921 aged 52 years

“Peace perfect peace”

Relationships:  Husband, wife and daughter.

Samuel Branch Lawn (1839 – 1881)

Samuel was born in Cambridge to John, a blacksmith, and Phoebe Lawn of Norfolk. He was brought up on East Road and became a blacksmith.

Mary Ann Lawn (née Lawrence) (1833 – 1908)

Mary was the daughter of James and [Rebecca] or [Susan] Lawrence. She was born in Swaffham Bullock, Cambridgeshire.

Samuel and Mary Ann married on May 26th 1863 at Bottisham Lode. They  moved to East Road and started their family:  Clara Florence (b 1865), Alice Maud (b 1867), Ernest John Edwin (b 1869) Laura (b 1873), Horace Wilfred (b 1875), Bertha Louisa Elizabeth (1877 – 1879) and Lilian Bertha (b 1880).

After Samuel’s death she earned money dressmaking.

Alice Maud Lawn (1867 – 1921)
Alice was the second child of Samuel and Mary Ann Lawn. She was born at 102 East Road and baptised at Holy Trinity church. She ran a small general store in King Street where on the morning of 27th November 1921,  she was murdered. It was a Wednesday morning and the weekly market  “The King Street Mart” was taking place outside the shop . It is thought someone entered the shop and finding it empty decided to steal from the till but was surprised by Alice armed with a small axe (she kept the axe in her kitchen for chopping salt). In the following struggle Alice was hit with the axe and the thief escaped. A man was charged but his defence lawyer was able to show that he was elsewhere when the murder was committed and he was released.

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Alice Maud Lawn; Mary Ann Lawn; Samuel Branch Lawn