CFHS code : CL157

Parish : St Clement


Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

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Lucy Emma Legge (née Mendum) (1872 – May 1912)

Lucy was the daughter of George Watson Mendum (1843-1879) and Elizabeth Ann (née Chamberlain) (1844-1922) and was born in London. She was baptised at St. Mary’s Church, Islington on 29 December 1872.  Her father worked for the post office, and the family  moved to live at  14 Nine Pin Court, Cambridge where George died in 1879.   She then lived with her mother and sister  Elizabeth Susannah at Nine Pin’s Court (1881). Her mother Elizabeth James Williams, who was a baker’s assistant and the family lived then lived at 3 Richmond Terrace (1891).

Lucy married Harry Legge on 21 July 1897 at St Giles’ Church, Cambridge and they had  six children: Nellie Lucy (1897-1983), Amy Emma (1898-1985), James Harry (1900-1981), Elizabeth Ann (1903-1907), Lucy Victoria (1906-1982) and Edward Alexander (1908-1914). Harry Legge worked as a painter/paper hanger and the family lived at 13 Jordan’s Yard (1901) and  8 Portugal Place (at least 1911 onwards). Lucy died at home aged 39 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 9 May 1912.

Lucy’s uncles Charles Chamberlain and William George Chamberlain are also buried at Mill Road Cemetery

Elizabeth Ann Legge (28 August 1903 – 20 December 1907)

Elizabeth died aged 4 years old  at 13 Jordan’s Yard.

Edward Alexander Legge (1908 – August 1914)

Edward died aged 5 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 2 September 1914.

From parish burial records it is known that Harry Legge was also buried in the St. Clement’s area of Mill Road Cemetery and is believed to have been buried with his wife and infant children.

Harry Godwin Legge (8 April 1873 – 7 October 1944)

Harry was the second son of James Alfred and Ann Maria (née Taylor) Legge and grew up at 27 Orchard Street. James Legge was a cabinet maker and by the age of 17 Harry was working as a painter/paper hanger. He married Lucy Mendum when he was 24 years old and married for a second time in 1915 to his niece Lucy Ann Mendum (1888-1961) who was the illegitimate daughter of Lucy’s sister Elizabeth Susannah Mendum (1866-). Harry and Lucy Ann had one daughter: Joyce Ethel (1919-2001) and continued to live at 8 Portugal Place.

In May 1920 Lucy appeared at a tribunal regarding  the price of a washboard. The case was reported in the Cambridge Daily News under the headline of ‘profiteering tribunal’.  In December 1919 Lucy Legge had sent ‘her little girl to the Domestic Bazaar Co’s shop on Petty Cury for a washboard’.  The girl returned with the washboard which she had been charged 2s, 8 and a half pence for.  Lucy considered this too much as another shop was selling a like board for 1s and 6 pence. She sent the board back, but the shop refused to refund the money so she took the company to tribunal.  Ernest Beavis, the Managing Director of The Domestic Bazaar Co came up from London and testified that the correct price should have been 2s and 2d, and that the Cambridge shop had been misinvoiced. The clerk of the court established that Brown’s in Fitzroy Street was selling washboards for 1s, 6d and that the Brighton,  Chelmsford and Derby branches of the Domestic Bazaar Co were selling the boards for 1s, 10 and a half pence.  Only Cambridge was selling at a higher price.  Mr Beavis ‘explained that the market had become ‘easier’ and finding that the boards were not selling freely the firm had reduced the price at all their shops except Cambridge pending the result of the case. The proper price at all their shops at Christmas was 2s, 2 pence.  The Chairman of the Tribunal paid thanks to Lucy for raising the case, and it was agreed that Mr Beavis would refund her the cost of the original washboard as she had since bought another.

Herbert Legge died at home aged 71 years old and was buried on 9 October 1944.



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Edward Alexander Legge; Elizabeth Ann Legge; Harry Godwin Legge; Lucy Emma Legge