CFHS code : PL210

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Memory of AMY ROSE beloved child of CHARLES & MAHALA LEWIS d 20 Dec 1898 aged 3 years 9 months and of CHARLES FREDERICK LEWIS beloved husband of MAHALA d 30 Oct 1935 aged 65 also of his beloved wife MAHALA LEWIS d 29 Mar 1950 aged 73 also EMILY MAY LEWIS d 3 Sept 1980 aged 80 also their daughter FLORENCE MARGUERITE d 17 April 1974 aged 68

Monument : Column/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lewis grave (Amy, Charles, Mahala, Emily and Florence)
Lewis column


Column (square-sectioned) with kerb stones, in the parish area of St Paul, beside the western path, directly across from the Cemetery Lodge.   The obelisk was damaged in 2015 and repaired in November 2016. The restoration was funded jointly by the City Council and FOMRC.


[west face:]

‘In fond memory of Amy Rose
beloved child of Charles & Mahala Lewis
died Dec 20th 1898 aged 3 years 9 months’
“Safe in the hands of Jesus.”
‘And of Charles Frederick Lewis
the beloved husband of Mahala Lewis
who died October 30th 1935 aged 65 years’
“Earth is not all.”

[south face:]

‘Also of his beloved wife Mahala Lewis
who died March 29th 1950 aged 73 years’
“His angels ever listen.”

[east face:]

‘Also Emily May Lewis
died Sept 3rd 1980 aged 80 years’
“At peace.”

[north face:]

‘Also their daughter Florence Marguerite
died April 17th 1974 aged 68 years’
“At rest.”

Charles Frederick Lewis (1871-1935) – see also Life Story page

Young Charlie Lewis
Young Charlie Lewis

Charles was born in 1871 in Battersea, London.  He was one of six sons born to Thomas George Lewis (c.1837-?) and Emily Elizabeth Lewis (née Ward) (c.1838-?).  In 1871 the family was living at 143 Beresford Street, Walworth, London.  Charles’ father was employed as a pawnbroker’s assistant.  By 1881 the family had moved to 81 Royal Road, Walworth.

In 1891 Charles was a boarder at 28 Cambridge Place, Paddington, London.  Charles married Mahala Avis (1877-1950) on 26 April 1894 at St Stephen, Battersea.  They had three daughters: Amy Rose (1895-1898); Emily May (1900-1980); and Florence Marguerite (1905-1974).  Sometime between 1895 and 1898 the family moved to Cambridge.  By 1901 the family were living at 90 Mill Road, Cambridge.  Charles was employed as a clothier.  Charles died on 30 October 1935 in Cambridge.

1927 Jan Note from Charlie referring to a Gainsborough he was putting in to auction – Part 1












Mahala Lewis (née Avis) (1871-1935)

May and Charlie Lewis

Mahala was born in 1877 in Battersea, London.  She was one of at least five children born to George Henry Avis (b 1849) and Eleanor Sarah Avis (née Prentice) (1846-1922).  Mahala’s father was employed as a tailor.  Mahala married Charles Frederick Lewis (1871-1935) on 26 April 1894 at St Stephen, Battersea.  Charles was also a tailor like her father.  Mahala died on 29 March 1950 at The Evelyn Nursing Home, Cambridge.

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Amy Rose Lewis (1895-1898)

Amy was born in 1895 in the district of Wandsworth, London.  She was the eldest of three daughters born to Charles Frederick Lewis (1871-1935) and Mahala Lewis (née Avis) (1877-1950).  Amy died on 20 December 1898 in Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Emily May Lewis (1900-1980)

Emily was born on 21 August 1900 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.  She was the second of three daughters born to Charles Frederick Lewis (1871-1935) and Mahala Lewis (née Avis) (1877-1950).  She was known as Emilie.  Emilie held four diplomas: three from the Royal Academy of Music in London (teaching; vocal performance; speech) and one from the Royal College of Music (vocal performance), and was the Mackenzie School of Music’s first Principal. The School was located at the home she shared with her younger sister, Flora, at 2 Mackenzie Road, Cambridge. By 1927/28, Emilie was joint Principal with Mary Plummer, who had piano diplomas from the same colleges, but by 1929/30 Plummer was replaced by Isobel Wright, also with piano diplomas. Emilie’s sister, Flora, became ill in the late 1960s, and Emilie retired in 1968 to care for her. Neither married. Since Emilie’s retirement, the principals of the School have been Joan Appleton and Jackie Cunningham.  Emilie died on 3 September 1980 in Cambridge.

Emilie on left and Florrie
May and Charlie’s girls and note

Flora Marguerite Lewis (1905-1974)

Florence was born on 1 October 1905 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.  She was the youngest of three daughters born to Charles Frederick Lewis (1871-1935) and Mahala Lewis (née Avis) (1877-1950).  She was known as Flora.  Flora lived at 2 Mackenzie Road, Cambridge, with her older sister, Emilie.  Flora became ill in the late 1960s and her sister, Emilie, retired from her position as Principal of the Mackenzie School of Music to look after Flora.  Flora died on 17 April 1974 in Cambridge.

Sidney Albert Lewis

Sidney is not buried in Mill Road Cemetery but the Lewis family have sent copies of letters which he wrote to his brother, Charlie between 1924 and 1937.  Sidney had men’s outfitting shops in Clapham Junction and bought significant works of art as a sideline.  Some of these are mentioned in the letters, which are written on the company correspondence book which had carbon copies.  Flo, mentioned in the letter on the right is Florence Elizabeth, Sidney’s wife.  She is the granddaughter of the pugilist Tom Cribb.

Sidney Albert Lewis to brother Charles 4pages (1)

1927 Sidney to Charley a
1927 Sidney to Charlie b
1927 March Sidney to Charley

Articles in the Cambridge Daily News and Evening News, 16 Oct 1950, 13 Feb 1954, 5 Sept 1980
Spalding’s Street Directories of Cambridge
England census reports
Communication from Catherine Green
Jackie Cunningham
Lewis family

By Ian Bent, Emma Easterbrook and Claire Martinsen

Amy Rose Lewis; Charles Frederick Lewis; Emily May Lewis; Florence Marguerite Lewis; Mahala Lewis