• Andrew Craik
    Inscription : ANDREW CRAIK BA Scholar at Emmanuel College Cambridge born at Airlie Dec 18 1817 died in College June 1 1874
  • Alfred Rose
    Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ALFRED ROSE Master of Arts Clerk in Holy Orders for years Fellow of Emmanuel College remainder illegible
  • Arthur Thomas Chapman
    Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ARTHUR THOMAS CHAPMAN Master of Arts for 51 years Fellow of Emmanuel College b 10th March 1840 d Dec 10 1913
  • Ellen Elizabeth Runham; Evelyn May Runham; James Runham
    Inscription : EVELYN MAY RUNHAM 1908 JAMES RUNHAM d Dec 29th 1934 aged 66 ELLEN ELIZABETH RUNHAM d Dec 14 1939 aged 72
  • Emma Gladys Page; Herbert Robert Page; Kenneth Herbert Page
    Inscription : In Loving Memory of our darling KENNETH HERBERT PAGE b August 6th 1907 d October 5th 1910 and HERBERT ROBERT PAGE d 26th Jan 1957 aged 77 also his wife EMMA d 8th May 1957 aged 76
  • Emma Humm; Henry Humm; Jane Humm; Sarah Humm
    Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of SARAH wife of HENRY HUMM d Sep 25 1875 age 43 also of 4 children who died in infancy also of EMMA second wife of HENRY HUMM d Sep 10 1894 age 50 footstone S H 1875 E H 1894 H H 1904 J H 1928 west face ...
  • James Robinson; John Henry Robinson; Sarah Ann Robinson
    Inscription : base of cross JAMES ROBINSON d Oct 8 1897 aged 59 kerbs In Ever Loving Memory of ROBERT ERNEST HUNT d Sept 4 1942 aged 19
  • Edward Woodall Naylor
    choral scholar, later organist of Emmanuel College, also Honorary Fellow
  • William Lofts
    servant at Emmanuel College for more than 50 years
  • Allison Ernest Shaw
    Head Porter of Emmanuel College for 37 years
  • John Stubblefield
    head gardener of Emmanuel College
  • Catherine Peach; Dixon Peach; George Peach; Martha Peach; Thomas Peach
    Inscription : IM GEORGE PEACH d Oct 5 1840 aged 2 MARTHA PEACH d May 22 1845 aged 19 CATHERINE PEACH d Aug 28 1849 aged 9 GEORGE PEACH d May 22 1857 aged 13 DIXON PEACH d Aug 8 1872 aged 35 children of THOMAS and PEACH THOMAS PEACH d Oct 26 1876 ...
  • John Edlestone Ledsam Whitehead; Martha Whitehead
    Inscription : headstone JOHN EDLESTONE LEDSAM WHITEHEAD MA for thirty six years Town Clerk of Cambridge b 5 June 1852 d 12 Sept 1925 elder son of FREDERICK WILLIAM & MARTHA WHITEHEAD kerbs MARTHA WHITEHEAD b 20th November 1825 d 3rd July 1897
  • James Bennet Peace
    Fellow of Emmanuel College for 34 years, Bursar of the College for 27 years and Printer to the University for nine years
  • John Amps
    alumnus of Emmanuel College