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  • Hermann Bernard Inscription : To the Memory of HERMANN BERNARD MA & Phil D of the University of Giessen in Hesse Dermstadt for many years Hebrew teacher to the University of Cambridge d Nov 16 1857 aged 72
  • Eliza Crowe; William Crowe Inscription : Treasured Memories of WILLIAM CROW b August 22nd 1778 d November 25th 1862 Sacred to the Memory of ELIZA CROW b August 22nd 1784 d September 4th 1886
  • Ann Hall; Harry Thomas Hall; Tom Hall Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of / TOM HALL / who died on Friday June 14 1876 or 1878 aged 46 / In Loving Memory of / ANN HALL / wife of TOM HALL / d July 16 1902 / In Affectionate Remembrance of / HARRY THOMAS the only dearly beloved child / of TOM ...
  • Elizabeth Evans Ann Mary Kett; George Robert Kett Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH EVANS ANN MARY beloved wife of GEORGE R KETT born at Islington Feb 9th 1860 died at Cambridge Oct 16th 1913 and of GEORGE ROBERT KETT OBE born at Cambridge Oct 14th 1860 died at Stapleford Cambridge July 1st 1933
  • Frederick James Kett; George Kett; Sarah Kett; Susannah Elizabeth Kett Inscription : GEORGE KETT b 26 Jun 1809 d 12 Aug 1872 and SARAH his wife b 22 Apr 1809 d 18 Nov 1885 FREDERICK JAMES son of the above d Dec 16 1916 also SUSANNAH ELIZABETH b May 26 1846 d Aug 16 1941
  • Edward Rist Lawrence; Edward Rist Lawrence; Elizabeth Rist Lawrence Inscription : In Memory of EDWARD RIST LAWRENCE d Feb 16 1861 aged 25 also EDWARD RIST LAWRENCE d Sep 5 1876 aged 70 also In Memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of EDWARD RIST LAWRENCE d 4 June 1857 age 53
  • Andrew Helenus Moyes; Catherine Moyes; Elizabeth Moyes; Kate Isabel Moyes Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH younger daughter of ANDREW H & CATHERINE MOYES b 9 Mar 1865 d 29 Jun 1883 also ANDREW HELENUS MOYES b 28 Jan 1830 d 4 Jan 1894 also CATHERINE wife of ANDREW b 3 Oct 1831 d 26 Jul 1907 also KATE ISABEL MOYES b 31 Mar ...
  • William Crowe well-preserved granite tomb, which probably has substantial footings and perhaps a vault beneath, consists of a large, three-ledged sarcophagus supported on four legs, standing on a moulded stone base with a cross on top