CFHS code : HT539

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of BERT STAPLES d July 27th 1939 aged 52 also EMILY FLORENCE STAPLES d Dec 12 1945 aged 58 also ALICE ANNIE MABBUTT d February 1918 aged 52 and GEORGE WILLIAM MABBUTT d February 1924 aged 58

Monument : Small pedestal/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Relationship: Mother, father, daughter, son-in-law

Bert Staples (1887 –  27 July  1939)

Bert was the son of William and Louisa (née Randall) and grew up at 26 Covent Garden. His father was a postman/letter carrier, and his mother worked as a launderess. Aged 14 he was working as a butcher’s assistant (1901) and later became a butcher.  He married Emily (Ciss) Mabbutt in 1918 and they had  one son: Douglas Bert (1919-1976). They lived with Ciss’s parents at 40 Paradise Street (1920) and then at 65 Russell Street (at least 1925 onwards).  Bert died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital aged 52 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 31 July after a service at St. Paul’s Church.

Emily Florence Staples (Ciss) (née Mabbutt)  (16 September  1887 – 12 December 1945)

Emily was known as Ciss and was the daughter of George and Alice. She grew up at 90 Newmarket Road (1801) and 40 Paradise Streeet (1911) and aged 13 was working as a domestic servant.  She later worked as an assistant  in a confectionery shop (1911). She married Bert Staples when she was 29 years old and after being widowed continued to live at  Russell Street with son Douglas.  Ciss died at Russell Street in 1945.

Alice Annie Mabbutt (née Woodroffe) (1865 – 16 February 1918)

Alice was the daughter of house painter Soloman and Ann Woodroffe. She grew up at 32 James Street (1871) and by the age of 19 was working as a domestic servant at 7 Maid’s Causeway. She married George Mabbutt in 1885 and they had six children: George Percy (1886-1968), Emily Florence (Ciss) , Ellen Annie (1889-1964), Arthur Frederick (1891-), Sidney (1893-1917) and Laura (1897-1973).

George worked as a house decorator and two of their sons served in the 1st World War.   Their youngest son Lance-Corporal Sidney Mabbutt was killed in Eygpt in December 1917.  The Cambridge Independent Press reported that Sidney ‘enlisted in the Yeomanry in June 1915 and went to Salonica. He was in hospital for six months and then returned to Salonica.  He was later sent to Eygpt.  He was formerly with Messr.s Mill and Co, Benet Street. Another son of Mr and Mrs Mabutt serving in the Suffolk Regiment was wounded on September 25th (1917) and is in hospital at Southampton’.

Alice died at home ‘after a long and painful illness,patiently endured’. She was 52 years old.

George William Mabbutt (1866 – February  1924)

George was the son of George and Sarah (née Cottage) and was born in Linton.  He was baptised on 28 October 1866,  and grew up on  the Bartlow Road in Linton where his parents ran a pub.  George worked briefly as a porter (1881) and later as a house decorator. He died aged 58 years old.



Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen

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Alice Annie Mabbutt; George William Mabbutt; Bert Staples; Emily Florence Staples