CFHS code : BE3

Parish : St Bene’t

Inscription : In Memory of WALTER MALDEN August 11 1858 and of his wife CAROLINE ADA April 5 1865 May 5 1944

Monument : Stone cross (base only)/Kerb stones/Ground slab

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Malden grave
Malden monument
Malden inscription
Malden inscription


This stone cross with ground slab, the cross of which is lost, in the parish area of St Bene’t, is located two rows from the west side of the central path.


‛In memory of Walter Malden
August 11 1858 [‒] October 28 1918’
‛And of his wife Caroline Ada
April 5 1865 [‒] May 5 1944’

Walter Malden (1858‒1918)WW1 doctor and civilian death – see also Life Story page

Walter Malden was a medical doctor working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. During the First World War he worked at the First Eastern General Hospital in Cambridge, assigned the rank of Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was taken ill in June 1918 and did not recover.

Caroline Ada Malden (1865-1944)

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By Ian Bent and Joanna Costin

Caroline Ada Malden; Walter Malden