CFHS code : AS178

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Memory of ELLEN CHARLOTTE (NELL) the loving wife of BRUCE W MALTBY d Jan 1st 1923 aged 53 also BEE at rest February 18th 1939 In Loving Memory EMMA BUNTING the beloved wife of ARTHUR MALTBY d Jan 14th 1910 best of wives and best of mothers also of ARTHUR MALTBY husband of the above d Nov 21st 1923 aged 79 also of ADLET J MALTBY (AGGIE) who fell asleep on board the RMS Orient on his way home from Melbourne Australia Feb 16 1890 aged 22 also of FREDERICK SA MALTBY d Nov 15 1891 aged 25 also of BRUCE W MALTBY d May 10 1943 VIOLET LOUISA wife of BRUCE d Dec 4th 1978 aged 74

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Relationships: father, mother, three sons, one daughter, two daughter-in-laws

Ellen Charlotte (Nell) Maltby (née Embry) (1869 – 1 January 1923)

Nell was born in Great Yarmouth and was the daughter of William and Louisa Embry.  She grew up in Great Yarmouth, but by 1891 had moved to Lowestoft.  In that year was living with her family at the Criterion pub on London Road – her father was the publican/hotellier, and although her sister Matilda was working as a barmaid, Nell was working as a  school teacher.   She married Bruce Maltby on 6 February 1893 in Lowestoft.  The couple moved to Cambridge, where Bruce was from, and lived at 15 Malcolm Street (1901)  and then at 1 Parker Street (1911).  They had one daughter: Muriel Adlet Embry (1894-1981).  Nell died in Cambridge aged 53 years old.


Bertha Ann (Bee) Maltby (1863 – 18 February 1939)

Bee was the daughter of Arthur and Emma Maltby, and sister of Bruce Maltby.  Arthur Maltby (1844-1923) was a robemaker in the town, and Bee grew up at 47 Broad Street (1871), Histon Road (1881), 21 Sussex Street (1891) and then 54 Warkworth Street (at least 1923 onwards).  Bee didn’t marry and lived with her parents until their deaths.  She died at 4 Tennis Court Terrace aged 75 years old.


Emma Bunting Maltby (née Lowings) (c.1843 – 14 January 1910)

Emma was born in Fenstanton, and baptised there on 5 February 1843.  She was the daughter of master blacksmith James Lowings and his wife Lydia.  She grew up on Bell Lane in Fenstanton, and married Arthur Maltby in 1863 when she was 20 years old.  The couple had at least four children: Bertha Ann (Bee), Frederick Samuel Alfred, Adlet James (Aggie) and Bruce Wilderspin.

Arthur Maltby was a robemaker, and the couple lived at various locations in the town.  Emma died at Sussex Street aged c.67 years old.


Arthur Maltby (1844 – 21 November 1923)

Arthur was the son of Samuel and Mary Maltby.  His father was a robemaker and he grew up at 21 Broad Street. He married Emma Lowings when he was 19 years old. After being widowed he continued to live with his daughter Bee at 21 Sussex Street (1911) before moving to live at 54 Warkworth Terrace.  He died there in 1923.


Adlet James Maltby (Aggie) (1867 – 16 February 1890)

Adlet was the second son of Arthur and Emma Maltby.  He was  a printer/compositor and died aged 22 years old on board the RMS Orient.  The cause of death was recorded as phthisis, which is a form of tuberculosis.


Frederick Samuel Alfred Maltby (1865 – 15 November 1891)

Frederick was the eldest son of Arthur and Emma.  He worked as a robemaker, along side his father and died at Sussex Street aged 25 years old.


Bruce Wilderspin Maltby (13 December 1868 – 10 May  1943)

Bruce was the youngest son of Arthur and Emma Maltby, and husband of Nell Maltby (née Embry). Bruce grew up at Broad Street, Histon Road and then Sussex Street.  He became a robemaker like his father. He married Nell when he was 24 years old.  

Bruce was widowed in 1923, and married for a second time to Violet Louisa Coe on 30 March 1929 at St Matthew’s Church in Cambridge.  The couple lived at 54 Warkworth Terrace, and had three children: John Blythe (1929-2005), Margaret Betty (1931-1997) and Robert Bruce (1937-2015). Bruce was manager of the Cambridge Pierrots (1900) and  organised a concert at the Guildhall in February of that year . Bruce was also a member of the Primrose League, which was an organisation to spread Conservative principles.  He died at home aged 74 years old.


Violet Louisa Maltby (née Coe) (6 March 1904 – 4 December 1978)

Violet was the daughter of William and Lucy Coe.  She grew up at 37 Norfolk Terrace, and her father William was a college cook.  She married widower Bruce Maltby when she was 25 years old.  She died at 43 Warkworth Terrace aged 74 years old.





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by Claire Martinsen

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Adlet J. Maltby (Aggie); Arthur Maltby; Bee Maltby; Bruce W. Maltby; Ellen Charlotte (Nell) Maltby; Emma Bunting Maltby; Frederick S.A. Maltby; Violet Louisa Maltby