CFHS code : AS64

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ALFRED MARIS d July 1932 age 81 also of KATHARINE FLOWER MARIS his wife d Nov 24 1932 age 75

Monument : Kerb stones

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Alfred Maris ( 1850 – 18 July 1932)

Alfred was born in Hinxton and was the son of John and Elizabeth Maris and brother of Richard.  John (1811-1872) was a farmer of 123 acres, and by 1871 Alfred was working as a corn merchant.  He married Katherine Sainsbury at the Independent Chapel in Duxford on 9 June 1874, and Katherine’s father performed the marriage ceremony.  The couple had three children: Katherine Elizabeth (1888-1965), Margaret Sainsbury (1892-1966) and Alfred Andrew (1895-1967).  Alfred ran a company called Messrs. R.W and A. Maris with his  brother Richard and lived with his family at Lindfield on Brooklands Avenue.

For some years the family moved to Lowestoft, where they were living in 1911 and where Margaret wrote a diary.  Alfred took part in local politics and was Vice President of the Cambridge County Liberal Association (1920). He stood unsuccessfully as a liberal party candidate for the New Town Council seat in October 1902.

Alfred was a prominent member of the passive resistance movement and was opposed to the 1902 Education Act (otherwise known as the Balfour Act).  In this act funding for schools was moved to a more uniform basis.   Previously some schools were run by local school boards, and some were run by churches (either Church of England or Catholic).  The 1902 act established local education authorities (LEA’s) who were in charge of paying school teachers and ensuring they were sufficiently qualified.  They paid the teachers in church schools, with churches providing and maintaining the school buildings and providing religious instruction.  Members of the Baptist and Methodist Churches ran a campaign of passive resistance for many years after the introduction of the Act, whereby they withheld the educational element from their taxes. They objected to their taxes being used to educate children in a religion different to their own, and were also unhappy at loosing previous involvement on the now abolished school boards. Alfred appeared in court in 1903, 1904, and 1905 for non-payment of  a portion of his tax.

He died at Brooklands Avenue in 1932 aged 82 year old.

Katharine Flower Maris (née Sainsbury) (1857 – 24 November 1932)

Katherine was born in Finchingfield in Essex – a village between Braintree and Saffron Walden. She was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Byerley and Mary (née Davies) Sainsbury. Her father was a Baptist minister, and during her childhood she lived in Finchingfield, Waterloo in Lancashire (1871) and then Duxford (1881). She married Alfred when she was 29 years and died at 9 Emery Street four months after his death.



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Alfred Maris; Katharine Flower Maris