Parish: St Paul

Row 10 plot 32a This grave has no monument but there are family monument nearby. The grave register and parish register were used to identify tis grave.

The Scarr family monuments and Reynolds grave site. Picture taken in 2014.

Mary Reynolds (c 1790 -1875)
Mary was the mother of Thomas Reynolds. From the 1871 census we know she was born in Petham, Kent.She died at her home in Panton Street and was buried on January 28th aged 85

Thomas Reynolds (c 1817 – 1885)
He died at the family home in Pemberton Terrace, Panton Street and was buried on October 3rd aged 68.

Mary Reynolds (c 1814 – 1887)
Mary was the wife of Thomas Reynolds. She was born in Bottisham She died at her home in Pemberton Terrace and was buried on May 21st aged 73.

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Mary Reynolds; Mary Reynolds; Thomas Reynolds