This monument was not recorded by the CFHS survey.

Owen column March 2018


The column, in the parish area of St Andrew the Less, is located to the north of the cemetery, on the east of the central path.


west face

To the dear memory of my beloved husband George Owen
Who died Dec. 15. 1861. Aged 49 years.

“For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
evens them also that sleep in Jesus willGod bring with him.”

south face

In Memory of Ann wife of Geo. Owen
Who died at Oxford Oct 7th 1880 aged 73

“We all do fall as a leaf”

George Owen (c 1813-1861)

George was born in Southwark, Surrey.  He was a cook, probably at St John’s College, as he was living in Merton House or Cottage Northampton Street / Queen’s Road Cambridge, according to the 1861 census.

It is most likely that he married Ann Thompson, the 29 year old daughter of George Thompson, a cabinet maker. The wedding took place at St Botolph’s Church on May 23rd 1839.  At this time George was working as a cook in Manchester.

Ann Owen (c 1807-1880)

Ann was born in Cambridge.


Ann Owen; George Owen