CFHS code : MC70

Parish : St Michael

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of GEORGE ALLISON PAIN b Apr 13 1799 d Dec 15 1858 SARAH wife of above b Feb 13 1800 d March 11 1872 FRANCES ELIZ PAIN daughter of above b Sep 25 1842 d Feb 22 1858 CATHERINE SARAH PAIN second daughter of above b Nov 5 1840 d Sep 30 1861

The above information is amended from the Cambridge Family History Survey, thanks to information from a relative

Lat Lon : 52.202649, 0.13769275 – click here for location

Pain grave
Pain monument


This ground slab is located east of the centre circle, beside the circular path, in the parish area of St Michael.


Sacred to the memory of George Allison Pain
born Apr 13 1799 died Dec 15 1858‛

‛Sarah wife of above
born Feb 13 1800 died March 11 1872‛

‛Francis Eliz. Pain daughter of above
born Sep 25 1842 died  Feb 22 1858‛

‛Catherine Sarah Pain second daughter of the above
born Nov 5 1840 d Sep 30 1861‛

George Allison Pain (1799-1858)

George Allison Pain was born in Felmersham, Bedfordshire on 13 April 1799, the eighth child of Thomas and Maria Pain, who were yeomen farmers living at Felmersham Manor. His father died in 1816 when he was 17 and his elder brother Joseph took over running of the family farm. George started work in Felmersham as a chemist, and in 1827 George had moved to Cambridge and had set up a shop, G A Pain, at 5 Rose Crescent, as chemist and druggist. In 1830 he married Sarah Odell from Holcote in Bedfordshire. His brother Joseph had married Sarah’s elder sister Mary eleven years earlier.

George and Sarah had seven children. The first was a daughter, Maria Pain, who in 1855 married her first cousin John Odell Pain, who was a draper in Cambridge. The second child, George Allison Pain, died aged 7 and his gravestone can be seen set in the pavement outside the door of St Michael’s Church, Cambridge. The third child was Walter Edward Pain who took over the family business after George died in 1858, and is also buried in Mill Road Cemetery.

Frances Elizabeth Pain was George and Sarah’s sixth child and third daughter, who died aged 15, and Catherine Sarah Pain was their fifth child and second daughter who was living at 27 Hills Road Cambridge when she died aged 21.

Sarah Pain (nee Odell) (1800-1872)

Sarah was the wife of George Allison Pain.

Frances Elizabeth Pain (1842-1858)

Frances was the sixth child and third daughter of George and Sarah Pain, who died aged 15.

Catherine Sarah Pain (1840-1861)

Catherine was the fifth child and second daughter of George and Sarah Pain, who was living at 27 Hills Road Cambridge when she died aged 21.

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