CFHS code : HS11

Parish : Holy Sepulchre

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ERNEST JOHN PARSLEY b Sept 10 1889 d Dec 14 1897 GEORGE WILLIAM PARSLEY d Jan 5 1940 age 81 In Loving Memory of ANNIE PARSLEY d Sept 24 1915 age 50 also MARY McKENZIE PARSLEY d July 4 1948 age 66

Monument : Stone cross (fallen)/Kerb stones (double grave)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202419, 0.13744759 – click here for location

Parsley cross 2017

Monument A few metres to the east of the central path. This monument was damaged in 2019.


West face

In Loving Memory of ERNEST JOHN PARSLEY born Sept 10 1889 died Dec 14 1897 

GEORGE WILLIAM PARSLEY died Jan. 5 1940 age 81 

East face

In Loving Memory of ANNIE PARSLEY died Sept 24 1915 age 50 years

Also MARY McKENZIE PARSLEY died July 4th 1948 age 66 years

Relationships: Husband, son, first wife, second wife

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George William Parsley (c.1859 – 5 December 1940)

George was born in Cambridge and was the son of John and Elizabeth Parsley.  His father was a carpenter and his mother a dressmaker.  He grew up at 5 John Street [1861/1871].  In 1881 he was 22 years old,  living in Wandsworth and working as a pastry chef. He married Annie Bowers in 1883 in Cambridge.

Annie and George had four sons: Ernest John [1889-1897], Percy George [1894-1955], Sidney Bowers [1989-1986] and Stanley William [1905-1982].  George worked as a college cook, and the family lived at 5 Trumpington Street [1891], 67 Bridge Street [1901] and then at 95 Chesterton Road [at least 1911 onwards].

He was widowed in 1915 and married for a second time in 1935 when he was 75 years old.  He died in January 1940 aged 81 years old.

Annie Parsley [nee Bowers] (1858 – 24 September 1915)

[Annie’s age changes on various documents thoughout her life]

Annie was George Parsley’s first wife.  She was born in Cambridge and was the daughter of Nathan and Martha Bowers.  Nathan was a coal porter and later a fish monger, her mother Martha was a launderess.  Annie grew up at 3 Thompson’s Lane [1861],  at 3 Kettle’s Yard [1871] and then at 6 St Peter’s Court [1881].  By 1881 she was working as a dressmaker.  She married George and they had four sons.  Annie died in 1915.

Ernest John Parsley (1889-1897)

Ernest was born in London, but by the age of 2 was living at 5 Trumpington Street.  He died aged 8 years old.

Mary Mitchel McKenzie Parsley [nee Mayhew]  (c.1882 – 4 July 1948)

Little is known of Mary. She married George Parsley in Wainsford, Suffolk in 1935.  She was widowed less than 5 years later, and continued to live at 95 Chesterton Road.  Her probate records show that she was still living there in 1948, but died at 29 Perne Road.

Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry

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Annie Parsley; Ernest John Parsley; George William Parsley; Mary McKenzie Parsley