CFHS code : AL554

Parish : St Andrew the Less

Inscription : IELRO ELIZABETH PATEMAN d Nov 29th 1923 also HAROLD EDWARD FRANCIS PATEMAN d August 7th 1966

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Pateman kerb stones 2017



Elizabeth Pateman (née Warren) (c.1867 – 29 November 1923)

Elizabeth was born in Cambridge and was the daughter of James and Mary Ann Warren. She grew up at 20 New Street (1871) and both of her parents worked as hawkers.  The term hawker had a different meaning in Victorian England. Throughout the nineteenth-century, hawkers, street-sellers and costermongers were a common sight in towns and villages throughout England. In London the streets were filled with stalls, barrows and women and children carrying baskets selling items as diverse as cat meat, second-hand clothing and coffee.  Hawkers and costermongers were as much a part of life as chains of stores are today. The number of people involved in hawking was extremely high. (read here for more information).

Elizabeth married Harold (Harry) Patemen in 1890. Harry was employed by Great Eastern Railway as a railway parcel carman.  This role involved driving a horse drawn carriage, collecting parcels from the station and delivering them to local addresses within Cambridge.  Just after getting married the couple lived at 12 Milford Street (1901), but had moved to 180 Gwydir Street by 1911, which is where they spent the rest of their lives. Elizabeth and Harry had three children: Rose Elizabeth (1891-1976) , Harold Francis (1893-1970) and a further child who died as an infant. Elizabeth died aged 56 years old.

Harold Edward Francis Pateman (12 June 1868 – 7 August 1966)

Harold was the son of Alfred and Emma Pateman and was born in Cambridge.  He appears to have been known as Harry throughout his life.  He grew up at 93 Gwydir Street – his father worked as railway labourer, and his mother as a launderess.  By the age of 13 (1881) Harry was working as a messenger.  He was widowed aged 55 years old.

He married again in 1924 to Ethel Rayner (1892-1957) and the couple continued to live at 180 Gwydir Street.  In 1939 they were living there with Ethel’s mother Lucy and her brother George.  Harry Pateman had retired by this point, and is described as a ‘railway foremam (retired)’ on the 1939 register.  He was widowed for a second time aged 89 years old.  Harry died at home in Gwydir Street aged 98 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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Elizabeth Pateman; Harold Edward Francis Pateman