CFHS code : ED45

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SARAH PEGLER daughter of WILLIAM & FRANCES PEGLAR d 22 Dec 1880 aged 21 also ANN CHESSHIRE PEGLER sister d 17 July 1890 aged 42 also JAMES PEGLER brother d 26 Jan 1893 aged 28 also FRANCES wife of WILLIAM PEGLER d 14 Jan 1896 aged [58]

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203176, 0.13739607

Pegler grave
Pegler headstone


This limestone headstone, with sculpted and pointed top, in the parish area of St Edward, is located seven rows west of the central path 30 yards north of the centre circle.  It is the first of two matching adjacent Pegler family headstones.  The two grave-plots are exclusive to a single family. The adjacent grave covers the four burials from 1876 to September 1880.


In loving memory of Sarah Pegler
the beloved daughter of William & Frances Pegler
who departed this life  Dec 22nd 1880 aged 21 years
[epitaph illegible]

Also of Ann Chesshire Pegler sister of the above
who died July 7th 1890 aged 42 years.
[epitaph mostly illegible] … Lord.

Also of James Pegler their brother
who died Jan 26 1893 aged 28 years.
For so [illegible] … deep.

Also of Frances wife of William Pegler
who died Jan 14 1896 aged 58 years.

[stone eroded]

Relationships: William snr and Frances Pegler were the parents of Sarah and James in this grave, and William jnr, Harry and Lucy in ED46. Ann Chesshire Peglar was the daughter of William snr by his first wife.

Sarah Pegler (1859‒1880)

Sarah was born in Cambridge in July 1859, the first child of William Pegler, Chapel Clerk of King’s College, and his second wife Frances, and was baptised in the Church of St Mary the Great on the 24th of that month.  She was probably named after her paternal grandmother.  She was still living at home in 1871; what she did between then and her death is unclear.

Sarah died on 22 December 1880 aged 21, and was buried in Mill Road Cemetery six days later in row XXVII of the St Edward parish area in grave 14, at a depth of 8 feet.

Ann Chesshire Pegler (1846‒1890)

Ann Chesshire (jnr) (‛Annie’) was born in the first quarter of 1846 in Brighton, Sussex, the daughter of William Pegler and his first wife, Ann Chesshire Pegler (snr), and was baptised at St Peter’s Church, Brighton on 6 March 1846.   Her mother’s death is recorded as 13 January 1846: it seems likely therefore that she died in childbirth.  On the day the 1851 census was taken, she was at the home of her widowed paternal grandfather, Samuel Pegler, in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire.  By 1861, aged 15, she was with her father and stepmother and two step-siblings at 5 Queen’s Lane, Cambridge, her father having meanwhile been appointed Chapel Clerk of King’s College.  She is described there as a ‛dressmaker’.

In 1871 she was working as a lady’s maid in the home of William Hugh Dennett, attorney, registrar of the county courts of Sussex, and his wife Harriett, at 5 Bedford Row, Worthing.  Her whereabouts in 1881 are unclear.

Ann Chesshire died on 17 July 1890, aged 42, while in Guy’s Hospital, Surrey, her address at death being Uckfield House, Uckfield, Surrey.  According to the burial register of St Edward’s Church, Cambridge, she was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 23 July.  Her burial is not recorded in the parish grave (Sexton’s) book.  She left £94 4s. 1d. to her step-sister Elizabeth (‛Lizzie’) of 7 Norwich Street, Cambridge, the house where her stepmother Frances and step-siblings Horace and Olive were then living.

James Pegler (1864‒1893)

James was born in Cambridge on 25 July 1864, the son of William Peglar, Chapel Clerk of King’s College, and his wife Frances, and baptised in the Church of St Edward on 28 August.  He remained at home until at least age 16.  At the time the 1891 census was taken, he was boarding at the home of William J Hay, stationer, and his wife Mary and three children, at 15 Fairfax Road, Hornsey, Middlesex, aged 27, his occupation recorded as ‛clerk’.

James died on 26 January 1893 aged 28, and was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 1 February (age recorded as 27) in row XXVII of the St Edward parish area, grave 14, at a depth of 8 feet.  His address at the time of death was Wellesley Road, Wanstead, London.

Frances Pegler (née Dean) (c.1836‒1896)

Frances Dean was born in c.1836 in Great Shelford, a village 4 miles south of Cambridge, and was baptised there on Christmas Day 1836.  Her father was John Dean, fishmonger of High Street, Great Shelford, and his wife Ann (née Cole).  At the time of the 1841 census, Frances had four siblings: Charles (c.1830‒), Frederick (c.1832‒), Sarah (c.1835‒) and Joseph (c.1839).

Frances married William Pegler, widower, Chapel Clerk of King’s College, in the autumn of 1858.  Since St Edward’s Church was closed for repairs at the time, the banns were called on 19 September at the Church of St Mary the Great, and the marriage took place in the latter church also. It is interesting to note that the marriage register of St Mary the Great records Frances’s prior residence as ‛Provosts Lodge Kings College’ (the Provost being the most senior figure in the College); presumably this was a subterfuge whereby the marriage was able to take place in Cambridge rather than Great Shelford.

William had had one child by his first marriage to Ann Chesshire Fuller: Ann Chesshire (1846‒90 ‒ see above).  Frances and William had at least nine children: Sarah (1859‒80), William (c.1861‒66), Elizabeth (c.1863‒),  James (1864‒93), Lucy (1866‒80), Harry (c.1868‒73), Grace (1871‒), Horace (c.1874‒), and Olive (c.1875‒).

When her husband died in 1876 without leaving a will, the administrators made Frances the sole heir to effects worth under £300.  Frances will have been obliged to move out of their college home at 5 Queens’ Lane: she moved to 7 Norwich Street (New Town), where she became a lodging house keeper.  She was at that address by 1881 with James, Grace and Horace, and with Horace and Olive in 1891 (in her will Ann Chesshire Pegler jnr, who died in 1890, left £94 to her sister ‛Lizzie’ at this address, so Elizabeth must have been living there as well), and Frances was still there at her death.

Frances died on 4[?] January 1896 at the age of 58 (according to the headstone), and was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 9 January 1896 (age recorded there as 59), in row XXVII of the St Edward parish area, grave 14, at a depth of 6 feet.

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By Ian Bent

Ann Chesshire Pegler; Frances Pegler; James Pegler; Sarah Pegler