Task: To explore the fabric of the cemetery and discover the colours, textures and shapes found there.

art-shapes and trees1

Classroom work pre-visit

Activity: Make a collection of papers, either in a folder, or clipped together as a book (loose leaves will be most useful) to take to the cemetery. Papers to include: eg tissue paper, cartridge paper, watercolour paper, newspaper, brown paper, plastic bags.

At the cemetery

Activity: Look around the cemetery, make notes of the colours of leaves, bark, flowers, grasses, walls and stones in your folder. How many shades of one colour can you find? Think on different scales, look up and down, use a magnifying glass. You can also take photographs.
Activity: Make rubbings of lettering, stones, paths, gravel, bark. Make drawings of shapes found on gravestones, houses, corners, arches, windows and funerary vases.

art-shapes and trees2Equipment needed:
Coloured pencils, pencils
Watercolours, pastels and charcoal
Bottle of water
Folder of papers
Magnifying glass

Classroom work after the visit

The information gathered could be used in the other projects or used to develop pattern work or paintings.