Task: Counting using natural objects and creating patterns

Classroom work pre-visit

Revise counting strategies eg how do you know you’ve counted everything? Arrange moveable objects in lines of 10. Remind about ‘checking’.

At the cemetery

Activity: Children collect as many stones as possible in a given time, denoted by blowing a whistle. Count and record how many stones have been found and swap with another set of Maths’ partners to see if results agree. Repeat activity with leaves and small sticks.
Activity: In pairs, arrange leaves, pebbles and stones in patterns. Swap pairs to see if the pattern can be identified and continued.

Supplementary activities:
Problem solving: count the number of trees or memorials in a designated area. How do you know you’ve counted them all?

Classroom work after the visit

Discuss: What was easy/difficult and what did you learn?