Task: To collect data from the cemetery and display it in an appropriate way for others to understand

Resource to download : Worksheet 1 Tally chart

Classroom work pre-visit

Discuss: What are we trying to find out? Will the research be limited by number, area or are different sets of data being collected for different purposes?
How will the data be collected? (Worksheet 1)

Discuss: What is tallying? Which information will be collected? Suggestions for KS1 – trees, crosses and mini-beasts.
KS2 – species of trees, memorials according to shape, age of deceased, year of birth/death, shapes of crosses, plants.

At the cemetery

Activity: Collect the data on tally charts.

Classroom work after the visit

Activity: Decide how to present the information eg graph, pictorial, use of ICT, and set it out in chosen way.
KS1 – bar graph, block graph, pictogram.
KS2 – graphs, could lead to work on averages, mean, mode and median.