Resources to download :

Worksheet 1a Geography Drawing Sheet
Worksheet 2 Geography
Worksheet 2b Geography & PSHCE
Worksheet 2c Geography & PSHCE

Classroom work pre-visit

Discuss: ‘My favourite place, why I like it and what would make it even better.’
Activity: Ask the children to draw and/or write about their favourite place.
Activity: Students draw simple maps of the school or classroom. Swap maps so others have to follow the routes shown on the maps.

At the cemetery

Stop at the Mill Road entrance to the cemetery (a safe place is by the avenue of lime trees, just inside the cemetery gates) in order to discuss the immediate environment.

Vocabulary: buildings, traffic, people, pavement, noise.
Maths link: complete a tally of vehicles, people etc.

Map work: ask the children to locate the cemetery entrance and lime avenue on their maps. Ask: how will we reach Stop 10?

At Stop 10 notice the immediate environment, using the appropriate vocabulary. Draw out the contrasts and children’s thoughts and opinions of both areas. Record immediate responses (Worksheet 2a, b or c).

Activity: In groups with adult supervision, follow the map to different stations, using the routes and number of stations decided upon by the teacher. (Each group can be given a different order of stations to go around. If set up beforehand this can also be done as an orienteering exercise with the stations being reordered out of sequence.) At each station draw observations in the appropriately numbered box of Worksheet 1.

Meet as a class at Stop 10. Discuss and add to Worksheet 2a, b or c.

Equipment needed:
Copies of Worksheets 1, 2a, 2b, 2c
Printouts of Google satellite view of the cemetery (number the stops as required)
Clipboards and pencils
Mats or plastic bags to sit on

Classroom work after the visit

Activity: In groups, cut out and place drawings on a large map of the cemetery.
Discuss: Class discussion on opinions about the cemetery, caring for the cemetery, how it could be improved.
Possible visit from a cemetery ranger (see contact details on risk assessment for schools download).