Task: To reflect on a place or person and write a reflective poem.

This project can be complemented with ongoing work on the senses.

Resource to download : Resource 1 ‘Remember’ by Christina Rosetti

Classroom work pre-visit

Activity: Discuss the five senses and how we use them to understand the world around us.

At the cemetery

Activity: Find a quiet spot for the whole group to sit, lie or stand (see Teachers’ Hints Trail, Stop 4). Ask students to say what they can see, hear, feel and smell. (It may help if they close their eyes when experiencing the last three senses.) Ask the students to ask ‘why’ questions about what they have experienced through their senses.
Activity: Split the class into pairs and ask them to choose a headstone and wonder about the person and their life. What questions would they like to ask them? What ‘why, where, who and what’ questions would they ask?

Equipment needed:
Mats for sitting on
Clipboards, paper and pencils, if you would like the children to record their questions and the gravestone they were inspired by.

Classroom work after the visit

Activity: Write a poem based on ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti (1879) (Resource 1). Ask the students to write a poem about how they would like to be remembered. What things would they like other people to remember them for? How would they like other people to feel when they are remembering them? The poem can have the structure of each line starting with ‘Remember me…’