CFHS code : PL158

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : To the Dear Memory of AMELIA C QUINTRELL 1851-1936 JOHN QUINTRELL 1850-1942 M A QUINTRELL E C QUINTRELL

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Amelia Caroline Quintrell [nee Pierson] (1851 -3 July 1936)

Amelia was born in Cambridge and was the daughter of John and Elizabeth  Pierson.  She grew up at 33 South Street, and her father was a printers warehouseman.  Aged 20 she was working at Ashburnham Place as a kitchen maid for the Earl of Ashburnham – it is here that she met John Quintrell who was also in service as a footman.

Amelia married John Quintrell at St Paul’s Church on 20th October 1879 when she was 28 years old.  They had two daughters:  Edith Caroline [1881-1891] and Winifred Edith [1886-1978]. In 1881 John and Amelia were living with her parents on Mill Road, and John was a Domestic Butler.  By 1891 they were living at Ashburnham Cottage on Mill Road and John was a college servant. By 1901 he had changed professions to become a fishmonger, and the family were living at 158 Mill Road [1901/1911].

John and Amelia lived at 15 Pretoria Road [1915], before living at 111 Oxford Road [at least 1927 onwards].  Amelia died at Oxford Road aged 84 years old. She left effects valued at £1,303 19s 9d.

John Quintrell (8 September 1850-1942)

John was born in Christow, Devon.  His father was a lead miner, and he had one sister named Ann.  He worked for the Earl of Ashburnham as a footman, and when the Earl died in 1877 he was left an annuity of £20 [worth circa £2,400 p.a. in 2019] in the Earl’s will.  It was at Ashburnham Place that he met Amelia Quintrell who was a kitchen maid, and they married in 1879.  They moved to Cambridge which is where Amelia was originally from.

He was a butler, then a college servant, before becoming a fish monger.  He was widowed aged 85 years old, and in the census of 1939 was at 3 Windsor Road in Nottingham.  He died in Cambridge aged 91 years old.

Mary Ann Quintrell (1821 – 1896)

Mary Ann was the mother of John Quintrell. She was born in Branton in Devon, and married a lead miner [name unknown].   By 1891 she had moved to Cambridge and was living with John and Amelia in their cottage on Mill Road. She died in late 1896 aged 75 years old.

Edith Caroline Quintrell (1881 – 1891)

Edith was the eldest daughter of John and Amelia Quintrell.  She was born in Camberwell in London, but lived in Cambridge for most of her life.  She died just after her 10th birthday.

British Newspaper Archives

by Claire Martinsen

Amelia Caroline Quintrell; Edith Caroline Quintrell; John Quintrell; Mary Ann Quintrell