CFHS code : ED150

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH the beloved daughter of the late JAMES & ELIZABETH RATTEY widow of JOHN NARNEY POTTS Esq of Dublin and wife of WILLM REED d 25.2.1867 in the 27th year of her age at Alverston House near Derby also to ELIZABETH widow of the late Mr JAMES RATTEY and mother of the above who died at Old Oak Cottage Acton Green Middlesex 17.7.1867 in the 60th year of her age ISMO WILLIAM RATTEY d 27.5.1921 aged 86 also of HARRIET RATTEY his wife d 24.11.1929 and HARRIET ELIZABETH RATTEY their daughter d 31.1.1943

Monument : Column

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203254, 0.13656562 – click here for location

Rattey and Reed column


This tall square limestone column, in the parish area of St Edward (Sexton row II, grave 4), is located to the left of the western path beyond the path to the centre circle (going northwards), one row away from the path, directly north of the red granite celtic cross of the Sennitt family. (According to the sexton’s book, Elizabeth Reed was buried 10 feet deep, Elizabeth Rattey 9 feet deep, and William Rattey 8 feet deep. There are no entries for Harriett Rattey or Harriet Elizabeth Rattey.)


[east face]

Sacred to the memory of
Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of the late James and Elizabeth Rattey,
widow of John Narney Potts, Esqre of Dublin, and wife of Willm Reed,
who died February 2nd 1867, in the 27th year of her age, at Alverston House near Derby.

Also to Elizabeth, widow of the late Mr James Rattey, and mother of the above;
who died at Old Oak Cottage, Acton Green, Middlesex, July 17th 1867,
in the 60th year of her age.

[east plinth]

This monument has been erected by a sorrowing brother, as a lasting memorial of his bereavement.

[south face]

In sacred memory of William Rattey
died May 27th 1921 aged 86 years

Also of Harriet Rattey his wife died Nov. 24th 1929

And Harriet Elizabeth Rattey their daughter died Nov. 3rd 1943.

Elizabeth Reed [nee Rattey] (8 May 1841 ‒ 25 February 1867)

Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Rattey.  She was born in Cambridge and baptised at St Andrew the Great on 26th May 1839.  She grew up at 4 Corn Exchange Street.  Her father died when she was under 10 and she was raised by her mother Elizabeth.

She married John Narney Potts who was Irish, but who had gone to Rugby Schhol and then to Trinity College, Cambridge. It is presumed that they met in Cambridge.  John Potts was a barrister who worked in London.  He was called to the bar, but died very suddenly on 23rd February 1860 at Old Oak Villa, Shepherd’s Bush. Newspaper reports in the Belfast Newsletter report that he died ‘after a few hours illness of rapid congestion of the lungs’.  He died a very wealthy man, leaving total effects valued at £62,000.  His widow Elizabeth was only 18 years old and still a minor. John Potts was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

On 10th December 1861 Elizabeth married for a second time to William Reed. It is believed that William was also a lawyer, and had a connection with Cambridge.  She died aged 27 years old in Alveston, Derbyshire.

Elizabeth Rattey [nee Ison]  (c.1807 ‒ 17 July 1867)

Elizabeth was born in Bottisham, and married James Rattey in Royston on 8th November 1824 when she was 17 years old.  James Rattey died in 1843 leaving Elizabeth a widow at the age of 36 years old.  She had at least four children: Frances [1832-], Elizabeth [1839-1867], William [1840-1921] and Edwin [1847-1876]. Edwin was born after James Rattey had died, but appears to have taken his name.

She worked as a cook and lived at 4 Corn Exchange Street [1851].  In 1861 she was living at Old Oak Villa in Shepherd’s Bush with her youngest son Edwin and two of her grandchildren.  This was the same house where her son-in-law John Potts had died, so possibly she had inherited it via her daughter Elizabeth his widow.   She died at Old Oak in 1867 aged 60 years old.

William Rattey (5 May 1836 ‒- 27 May 1921)

William was the son of James and Elizabeth Rattey, and brother to Elizabeth Reed [nee Rattey].  He was baptised on 22nd May 1836 at St Andrew the Great in Cambridge.  Aged 11 [1851] he was living with his siblings and working as an errand boy.  The whole family appear to have prospered via the marriage of Elizabeth Rattey to John Narney Potts, and by 1871 William Rattey was living at Old Oak Cottage and his occupation is described as ‘fund and land owner’.

He married Harriett Johnson in 1871 and they had four children together William [1871-], James [1876-], George [1880-1916] and Harriet Elizabeth [1894-1943]. The family lived at 36 Elm Grove, 29 Percy Road, then 41 Boscombe Road – all  in Hammersmith, London.   William did not work and died aged 81 years old leaving effects of £13,693 10s and 6d.

Harriet Rattey [nee Johnson] (1850 – 24 November 1929)

Harriet was born in Chobham.  On the 1871 census she is living at Old Oak Cottage and is described as William’s housekeeper.  Though on later census returns they claimed to have been married in 1871, the actual marriage happened in 1886 in Fulham when they had already had three children together.

She was widowed aged 71 years old, and died at 245 Uxbridge Road, Hammersmith in 1929 aged 79 years old.

Harriet Elizabeth Rattey (12 March 1874 – 3 November  1943)

Harriet Elizabeth was the only daughter of William and Harriet Rattey.  She was baptised on 7th October 1885 at St Luke, Hammersmith.  The Rattey’s had all their children baptised together on the same day.  Harriet worked as a school mistress, governess and private tutor. She never married.

She lived with her parents until they died and then moved  to 127 Hamlet Gardens, Ravenscourt Park, London. She died at St Bernard’s Hospital, Southall leaving effects valued at £24,217 9s 11d.

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By Ian Bent and Claire Martinsen

Elizabeth Rattey; Harriet Rattey; Harriet Elizabeth Rattey; William Rattey; Elizabeth Reed