CFHS code : PL155

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Affectionate Memory of ANNE ROPER d February 13th 1895 aged 58

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The Roper headstone on the right. January 2020


The headstone is located two rows north of the south path.


In Affectionate Memory of ANNE ROPER died February 13th 1895 aged 58 years

“As comes to me , or shade or sun
Father thy will not mine, be done.”

Anne Roper (née Campling) (6 November 1836 – 13 February 1895)

Anne was born in Norwich, and baptised at St Augustine Church on 20 November 1836.  Her parents were George and Rebecca Campling, and although George was a weaver when Anne was born, he later became a grocer (1851). She grew up in Norwich and married  William Roper (1837-1908) on 25 September 1860 at St. Julian’s Church in the city.  William was a railway clerk when they married.  The couple had at least eight children: William Thomas (1862-1907), Henry Edward (1865-1947), Frank Albert (1866-1927), Julia Florence (1869-), Alice Alexandra (1871-1950), Frederick Charles (1874-1912), Edith Mary Beatrice (1878-1962) and George Arthur (1879-1957).

Ann Roper taken at the R. H. Lord studio on Market St Cambridge.

The couple lived at 5 Waddington Terrace after their marriage (1861), and continued to live in Norwich until at least 1866. By 1871 they were living at 16 Union Terrace in Cambridge (later renamed Mawson Road).  They moved to Kings Lynn in the 1870s where William was working as Goods Agent and that is where their two youngest children were born. William was promoted in 1880 and they returned to Cambridge. On the train journey baby Edith’s hat blew out of the train window. This little incident became a favourite family story.
By 1881 they were living at 3 Claremont on Hills Road. William was now district goods manager for the Great Eastern Railway.
The family were all active members of  Emmanuel Congregational Church and P.T. Forsyth, the great theologian and, minister, became a family friend. 

Anne died at Claremont in February 1895 aged 58 years old. Her death certificate suggested that she may have suffered from a heart condition for some time

William Roper

After her death William Roper moved to live at 58 Mawson Road. Shortly after his retirement in  1901 (after 47 years in railway employ) he was invited to the first class waiting room at Cambridge Station where he received a desk, chair and a purse of gold along with a book containing the names of all those who had subscribed to his gift.  Later he left Cambridge and retired to live at Heigham in Norfolk.  By the time he died in March 1908 he was living at 16 Clarendon Road in Heigham.  There was a warm report of his death in the local paper.

Four of William and Anne’s sons went on to work on the railway, as did some of his grandchildren.

Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen and Eileen Bebbington (great grand daughter of William and Ann)

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Anne Roper