CFHS code : AL410

Parish : St Andrew the Less

Inscription : In Memory of WILLIAM ROWE butler of Jesus College d 20 May 1859 age 30 also his affectionate mother SARAH beloved wife of RICHARD ROWE d 15 June 1861 age 70 also RICHARD ROWE Alderman d 10 Dec 1876 age 81

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Rowe family grave
Rowe family headstone
Rowe family inscription


This red, polished granite headstone with Celtic cross, in the parish area of St Andrew the Less, is situated beside and to the east of the central path, north of the centre circle, three graves south of the path leading to the east path.


In memory of

[in circle, with letters “ihs”]

‘William Rowe butler of Jesus College

departed this life 20th May 1859 aged 30 years’

‘Also his affectionate mother Sarah the beloved wife of Richard Rowe

who departed this life 15th June 1861 aged 70 years’

‘Richard Rowe Alderman

departed this life 10th December 1876 [recte 1878] age 81 years

William Rowe (1828‒59)

William was baptised on 28 September 1828 at All Saints Church, on St John’s Street, Cambridge, the younger son of Richard Rowe and Sarah Rowe (née Reynolds). He lived all his life with his parents at 1 Brunswick Terrace. Early in 1859 he was appointed butler of Jesus College in succession to his father, but he died unmarried and intestate within three months of that appointment on 29 May 1859 aged 30, his personal effects worth less than £600.

Sarah Rowe (née Reynolds) (1791‒1861)

Sarah Reynolds was baptised on 21 February 1791 in Ludlow in Shropshire, the daughter of William and Sarah Reynolds. She married Richard Rowe in Ludlow on 29 July 1823, and lived with him at 1 Brunswick Terrace, Cambridge, giving birth to two sons, Richard Reynolds Rowe (buried in the St Andrew the Great area of the cemetery) and William Rowe. She died on 15 June 1861, aged 70.

Richard Rowe (1797‒1878) – see also Life Story page

Richard Rowe was born on 25 December 1797 in St Botolph’s Lane, Cambridge. He was at various times a university librarian, calligrapher, accountant, college butler and estate agent. He married Sarah Reynolds on 29 July 1823, and apparently acquired some property through her father, William Reynolds. The couple lived at 1 Brunswick Terrace, and had two sons, Richard Reynolds Rowe (buried in the St Andrew the Great area of the cemetery) and William Rowe. Richard was a Councillor for the St Andrew’s ward for nineteen years, and Alderman of the City of Cambridge from 1868 to his death on 10 December 1878, aged 81.


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Births, Deaths and Marriages

Richard Reynolds Rowe, “Memoir of the Late Mr. Alderman Rowe of Cambridge by his Son”, Cambridge Chronicle, 21 Dec 1878

By Ian Bent, with Mary Naylor and Robin Mansfield


Richard Rowe; Sarah Rowe; William Rowe