Parish – Andrew the Less
This monument was not recorded by CFHS in their  2020 survey


The monument in March 2021.

This monument, in the form of an open book, is located in the pariah of Andrew the Less roughly 7 rows east of the central path and several rows north of the north path. However the grave is believed to be 1 row in front as the stone has become detached from it’s plinth and now lies at the base of the Riggs headstone. The inscription of metal letters is complete but hard to read.


In Loving Memory of Richard Arthur Royall died Jan 211923 aged 58 years

Also Our Dear Mother  Bessie Scott Royall died Feb 5th 1951 aged 81 years

Relationship – husband & wife.  Related monuments – MG29 his sister Minnie and Grandparents John & Ann.  Richard’s parents are buried in the parish of St Paul but no monument has been found.

Richard Arthur Royall (1865 – 1923)

Richard was the son of plasterer Richard Jarvis Royall and dressmaker Sarah Royall. He was brought up at 33 Castle St where in 1871 his family were able to keep a servant and nursemaid. He also  became a plasterer.

He married Bessie Scott Green on October 8th 1892 at St Matthew’s Church, Cambridge. They had 10 children Mabel Adelaide (1893), Edith Mary (1894), Lilian (1897), Arthur John (1897), Richard William (1900), Harold Edward (1903), Leslie (1904), Doris Elaine (1906 – 1908), Phylis Ena (1906) and Margaret (1910)

Mabel was born at 11 Caius St, Edith & Lilian were born at 11 Riverside, and Margaret was baptised at the age of 15 when she was living at 21 Riverside.

In 1907 Richard was granted a vaccination exception in respect of Doris. This was because one of her elder sisters had had a bad reaction. Sadly Doris died the following year.

Bessie Scott Royall née Green (1870-1851)

Bessie was born in Chesterton but grew up at 13 City Road and Elm St. Her father Edward was an Auxiliary Letter Carrier and her mother, Maria Morehen née Scott, a dressmaker.
She was not baptised until 1879 when the family were living at 33 York St. By this time Edward was a waiter.
It is thought she went into service and in 1891 appears to have been working as a house maid in London. By the time of her marriage in 1892 Edward was working as a college servant.
Bessie survived her husband by 28 years and lived with various members of her family at 21 Riverside.

By Mary Naylor 

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Bessie Scott Royall

Bessie Scott Royall; Richard Arthur Royall