CFHS code : MC46

Parish : St Michael

Inscription : side 1 face down side 2 also of RALPH SOMERSET b Dec 18 1872 d Dec 19 1872 side 3 also of MARY UNETT his daughter b April 11th 1870 died at Montreux on S Michaels Day 1893 laid to rest at Clarens

Monument : Stone cross

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Lat Lon : 52.202628, 0.13782349 – click here for location

Somerset and Unett grave
Somerset and Unett cross

Monument This monument was restored sometime between 200o and 2014. It is a few rows east of the central circle. The inscription of metal letters is intact.

Inscription  awaiting a site visit to complete

east face

In Loving Memory of Ralph Benjamin Somerset
Fellow of Trinity College
……..  Collegiate Students
Born Feb 1835 Died Mar. 25th

west or south face

Also of RALPH SOMERSET b Dec 18 1872 d Dec 19 1872

north face

Also of MARY UNETT his daughter b April 11th 1870 died at Montreux on S Michaels Day 1893 laid to rest at Clarens

Ralph Benjamin  Somerset (1834 – 23 March 1891)

Ralph was the son of Benjamin and Fanny Somerset.  He was born in Bradwell in Derbyshire, and was baptised there on 30th March 1834.  He went to school in Manchester, and then up to Trinity College in 1853.

He got his BA [39th Wrangler] in 1857, made Fellow in 1859 and MA in 1860.  He was Junior Dean 1866-1869, Junior Proctor 1868-1869.  He was made first censor of Non-Collegiate student 1869-1881 and it was said that ‘it was to his energy that the success of the scheme was in great measure due’.  He was ordained in 1863, and was curate of Melbourn in Cambridgeshire 1864-1866.  He then became Vicar of St Michael Church 1868-1875.  He was also a Govenor of Addenbrookes Hospital for many years.

He married Frances Brocklehurst  in Macclesfield in  1869 and they had two daughters:  Mary Unett [1870-1893], Frances Margaret [1871-1947] and a son Ralph (1872-1872) As  Ralph Benjamin was the vicar he baptised his daughters at St Michael’s church but baby Ralph was baptised at home.

The family lived at 17 Trumpington Street [1871] and later at 17 Brookside.

Ralph died at 8 Somerset Street, Portman Square in London aged 57 years old, but was resident at 17 Brookside, Cambridge at the time of his death.  His body was brought back to Cambridge by train and he was buried at Mill Road Cemetery, with many of the University officials and Masters of Colleges present. He left an estate valued at £8,192 and 4s.

Frances Brocklehurst Somerset née  Brocklehurst (1834 – 1921) Frances  continued to live in Cambridge, and died at 13 Brookside in 1921 aged 87 years old

Ralph Somerset (1872-1872) Ralph only lived for 13 hours.

Mary Unett Somerset  (11 April 1870 – 29 September 1893)

Mary was eldest daughter of Ralph and Frances Somerset and was born in Kensington, London.   She grew up at 17 Trumpington Street [1871] and then later at 17 Brookside.  She died in Montreaux, and was resident at Avenue du Kursaal at the time of her death.  The British Consulate at Geneva was involved in her funeral.  She was 23 years old.


Frances Margaret Somerset – Ralph and Frances’ other daughter married John Owen Farquhar Murray, who was Master of Selwyn College from 1909 -1928.

Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry/Newspaper archives

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Frances Somerset; Ralph Somerset; Ralph Benjamin Somerset; Mary Unett