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The kerb stones in June 2021.
Phyllis inscription


This set of kerb stones located in south of the parish of St Andrew the Less. They lie 1 row to the west of the east path in the shade of a large tree.  The kerb stones have fallen outwards. The inscription of metal letters is damaged in places and difficult to read. The stones within the grave set are probably from another monument.


Phyllis Cecilia Sparrow who died Sept. 18. 1912.
And also her sister and two brothers who died in infancy.

The babies who died were Gracie Sybil (1903 – 1904 age 9 months) Sidney Frank (1908 age 3 months), and Eric Gordon (1911 – 1912 age 3 months)

Phyllis Cecilia Sparrow (1906 – 1912)

Phyllis was the daughter of John and Melinda Sparrow. She was the  seventh of  their twelve children. She was 6 years old when she died at the family home 111 Mill Road. 

John was originally from Ipswich, but living in London and working as a boot salesman when he married farmer’s daughter Melinda Thompson in 1893. After their marriage in Little Downham they lived in London for 7 years before moving to Cambridge c1900. In 1901 they were living in Brandon Place, where John was dealing in poultry and fish, but soon moved to Thoday Street and by the time Gracie was born he was working as a tailor.

111 to 117 Mill Road 2018.

Either he did very well as a tailor or the family inherited money as by 1908 he was able to buy 111 Mill Road. It was here that he ran his tailoring and outfitters business. In 1909 he added a shop front which eventually bore the title J Sparrow & Son. He also owned nos.113 and 115. The shop passed through the hands of several tailors including Alfred Albert Mills. It remained as a Tailors and Outfitters until at least 1955.

In April 1918 their son Gifford was wounded in France and was sent home where he recovered in hospital. In June that year John himself was refused exemption to serve despite being a clerk at Jesus College. It seems he was never called up, as in October he put himself forward in the council elections, standing as an independent candidate for Romsey Town Ward. Despite being promised the support of both Liberals and Conservatives he lost, with only 247 votes, to Mr W Thompson the Labour candidate who gained 1,375 votes.
By 1920 John and Melinda had moved to Fen Ditton where they lived in a large house named Kingsbury on Ditton Lane. Eventually moving away from Cambridge, Melinda died in 1957 in Cheltenham aged 90. We are not sure when or where John died.

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by Mary Naylor


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Eric Gordon Sparrow; Gracie Sybil Sparrow; Phyllis Cecilia Sparrow; Sidney Frank Sparrow