CFHS code : BE42

Parish : St Bene’t

Inscription : HILDA SPEECHLEY d Oct 1 1908 aged 13 months also ETHEL SPEECHLEY d Jan 7 1908 aged 4 months also WINIFRED SPEECHLEY d June 26 1914 aged 8

Monument : Scroll

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The Speechley monument in February 2021.


This small scroll is located roughly 7 rows west of the central path towards the south of the parish. This inscription is now rather hard to read.


HILDA SPEECHLEY died Oct 1 1908 aged 13 months
Also ETHEL SPEECHLEY died Jan 7 1908 aged 4 months
under the scroll at ground level
Also WINIFRED SPEECHLEY died June 26 1914 aged 8 years

The girls were the daughters of Joseph and Mabel Speechley. Joseph was a butcher, who had a business on Newmarket Road

Hilda Speechley (c.August 1907 –   1 October 1908)

Hilda died at 156 Newmarket Road and was buried on 8 October 1908.

Ethel Speechley (c. August 1907 – 7 January 1908)

Ethel was Hilda’s twin sister and died in Addenbrooke’s Hospital aged 4 months old. She was buried on 10 January 1908.

Winifred (Winnie) Speechley (1906 – 26 June 1914)

In 1911 Winnie was living at Newmarket Road with her parents and sisters Irene Bertha (1902-1988)  and Dorothy (1910-1986).  She died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and was buried on 1 July 1914.



Parish Burial records

by Mary Naylor and Claire Martinsen

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Ethel Speechley; Hilda Speechley; Winifred Speechley