CFHS code : AG544

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : kerbs In Loving Memory of BRENDA M STEGGLES d Jan 14 1934 aged 10 weeks also of GEOFFREY RJ STEGGLES d March 12 1949 aged 19 also ELLEN STEGGLES d August 9 1949 aged 77 also JOHN HENRY STEGGLES d February 2nd 1952 aged 82

Monument : Kerb stones/Flowerholder

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203052, 0.1367901 – click here for location

Steggles grave
Steggles monument



Relationships: Grandparents and grandchildren

Ellen Steggles  (née Hartley) (16 February 1872 – 9 August 1949)

Ellen was born in Diss in Norfolk and baptised there on 29 March 1872. She was the daughter of William and Hannah Hartley and grew up in the town of Diss, where her father was a weaver and her mother a dressmaker.  By the age of 19 (1891) Ellen was living at Elgin Avenue in Paddington, and working as a housemaid to the Henry family.  In 1901 she was living at Gloucester Terrace and was a housemaid to widow Marion Balfour.

She married John Steggles in 1902 aged 30 years old.  John was a tailor from Diss, and they lived  at the Meeting Lane (1911) and then later at Croft Lane (1939) both in Diss.  Ellen and John had one son – John William (1903-1983) known as Jack.   Jack worked as a gent outfitter and had moved to Cambridge after getting married in 1927.  It would seem that Ellen and John moved to Cambridge to live with Jack and his wife Gertrude at 110 Mill Road, sometime after 1939.  Ellen died in Cambridge in 1949 aged 77 years old.


John Henry Steggles (13 September 1869 – 2 February 1952)

John was born and raised in Diss, Norfolk like his wife Ellen.  He was the son of tailor John Steggles and his wife Mary (née Rice).  He was baptised on 23 September 1870. John was raised and lived in Diss for most of his life, working as a tailor like his father.   He died in Cambridge aged 82 years old.


Brenda Mary Steggles (1933 – 14 January 1934)

Brenda was the daughter of Jack Steggles and his wife Gertrude Mary (née Agus) (5 August 1903 – 8 January 2000) and granddaughter of Ellen and John Steggles.  She died aged 10 weeks old in Cambridge.


Geoffrey Robert John  Steggles (11 May 1929 – 12 March 1949)

Geoffrey was the only son of Jack and Gertrude Steggles.  He was raised at 110 Mill Road and died there aged 19 years old.  From newspapers of the time we know he took piano lessons with a Mrs Fleet, and passed his Trinity College of Music preparatory grade with merit aged 10 years old.


It is not thought that Jack and Gertrude had any further children. The lived in Cambridge until at least 1966 and then moved to Lowestoft in retirement. Jack died there in 1983 and Gertrude in 2000.






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Brenda Mary Steggles; Ellen Steggles; Geoffrey Robert John Steggles; John Henry Steggles