Layton & Leech, firm of stonemasons, located at Derby Road (off the Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge.

layton & leech mark

Layton & Leech stonemasons
Layton & Leech stonemasons (1960)

The firm of Layton & Leech, stonemasons, existed from at least 1928 to at least 1948, and were located at Derby Road (off the Cherry Hinton Road), Cambridge. The burial dates on Layton & Leech graves in the Cemetery span 1898-1955. At the retirement of Francis Leech, the firm was taken over by Rattee & Kett, the Derby Road yard being kept open for some years after that under William Topper.

The illustration shows three of the stonemasons of the firm – James Whitaker, Francis Leech, and William H Topper (with Mrs Topper) – on the occasion of the awarding of an honorary MA degree to Mr Topper on 14 May 1960. These three masons worked together on the restoration of the Gate of Honor, Gonvile and Caius College, and their names are carved on a plaque inside the Gate.


Grave by Layton & Leech
Grave by Layton & Leech

The following graves in Mill Road Cemetery are known to have been built by Layton & Leech (the numbers given here are those assigned in the transcriptions by the Cambridgeshire Family History Society):

All Saints 279: Ellen Margaret Earl and others (headstone with kerbstones: 1918, 1939, 1950)

Holy Trinity 57: Henry & Mary Ann Nixon (kerbstones only: 1915, 1921)

Holy Trinity 215: Harry Braithewaite (kerbstones only: 1949)

St Andrew the Less 228: Francis & Mary Ann Rayner (kerbstones only: 1923, 1953)

St Mary the Great 35: Florence & George Edwards (kerbstones only: 1934)

Layton & Leech advert (1931)
Layton & Leech advert (1931)

St Paul 192: Robert & Mary Dearsley (kerbstones only, broken: 1898, 1941, 1955) [see illustration 2]

— Please help us to identify other Layton & Leech graves in the Cemetery.

Sources: Spalding’s Street Directories of Cambridge; private communication from M. Wingett
By Ian Bent