CFHS code: AS232

Parish: All Saints

Monument: Headstone and cross broken

Inscription: F.T. b June [–] [1764]d July [-] [18–] / D.T. b June [-] [18–] d [——]


The burial register was used to identify the possible occupant of this grave, which is in row 22, in the parish of All Saints.


F.T. b June [–] [1764]d July [-] [18–] / D.T. b June [-] [18–] d [——]

Talbot monument May 2019

Frederick Willliam Talbot (1865-1865)

Frederick was the son of Frederick and Joanna Talbot, born on July 3rd, baptised on July 4th and buried on July 9th.

We did not find any name beginning with D.

Next to this monument there is a monument to his aunt Selina and grandparent a Henry and Sarah Talbot.

Henry Talbot (1801 – 1854)

Henry was the grandfather of Frederick William. We did not find his name on this stone but the grave register shows he is buried in row 22 plot 18.

Frederick William Talbot (1833-1928) and Joanna Talbot (1838-1925) are also buried in this Cemetery but we have not found another monument so they may also be buried here.

Frederick was a printer, as was his father Henry Talbot.

Frederick Talbot; Henry Talbot