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The Tofts memorial taken in july 2016
Tofts monument July 2016
Tofts inscription


This stone cross, in the parish area of St Paul, is located against the west wall.  Row 1 grave 17


Inscription : ‘Sacred to the memory of Richard William Tofts born May 18th 1849, died June 29th 1899’ “Until the day break, and the shadows flee away.”

Richard William Tofts (1849 – 1899)

Richard lived at Melrose, 43 Tenison Road, Cambridge.  He was born in Barton, Cambridgeshire. He was a corn merchant (1891 census). Richard married Elizabeth Annie Walden in Camberwell in 1879. According to the grave register there are two other family members buried here.

Arthur Reginald Tofts (1883 – 1904)

Arthur died at the age of 21.

Elizabeth Ann Tofts (c 1850 – 1919)

Elizabeth died aged 68. Known as Annie, she was born in East Sheen, Surrey. Richard and Elizabeth had at least two other children, Maud and Edith.

CFHS transcripts of parish registers
St Paul’s church grave register – Cambridgeshire Archives

Arthur Reginald Tofts; Elizabeth Ann Tofts; Richard William Tofts