This is one of a number of ‘Raywood’ Ashes planted in the Cemetery. This tree is
particularly attractive as it has space to grow.
The ‘Raywood’ Ash or Claret Ash is a variant of the narrow leaved Caucasian Ash and
was discovered in Southern Australia and introduced into Britain in the 1920’s. It is a
deciduous tree growing to c. 20m. Smooth and grey when young, the bark becomes
knobbly with age. It has compound pinnate leaves with very slender leaflets. The
‘Raywood’ Ash is widely grown as a street tree for its wonderful autumn colour, the
dark green leaves turning from mid-green to a deep claret red. You will see them
growing in Cambridge along the Huntingdon Road.
Ash wood is tough and flexible and was used to make axes and sports equipment
such as tennis rackets and hockey sticks.

Tree Trail Stop 10: