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This grave has no monument but we were able to work out that Henry & Rhoda are buried here using the grave register compiled by the sexton of St Andrew the Great.


Henry & Rhoda are buried between two marked graves (Rash & Gigney) 9 rows from the west path and roughly 16 rows from the central path on the southern boarder of the parish in the south section of St Andrew the Great. This area is prone to bramble growth.

 Henry Wright (1857 -1913)

Henry Wright

Henry was the only child born to Henry & Kezia Wright (née Taylor) in the village of Burrough Green, a small village on the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk border. The Wrights were involved in working the land. His father had been a farm bailiff but Henry broke with tradition and in the 1881 census he was working as a railway wheel examiner in Islington, London and later the same year as a gardener in Dulwich. It is at this time he met Rhoda Dance, They married on the 25th October 1881.

During the 1880s it appears they tried life with Rhoda’s family, their second son being born in Wantage and then with Henry’s parents as their next 3 children were born in Burrough Green. The 1891 Census had the family living in Ross Street, Cambridge and they then moved to what became the family home for 30+ years at 8, Doric Street Cambridge. Henry earned his living as a painter and decorator.  He died at home on September 1913 aged 56.

 Rhoda Wright née Dance (1862 – 1935)

Rhoda Wright

Rhoda was born in Southcote, Reading to Abraham & Elizabeth Dance. Before her marriage she was working in Dulwich as a domestic servant. 

Rhoda bore 11 children Henry Charles (1883 -1950), Sidney Augustus (1884 – 1864), Albert Victor (1886 -1948), Lillian Rhoda (1888 – 1970) Leonard (1890 – 1964), Alfred William  (1892 – 1945), Reginald Harvey (1894 – 1957), Archie Harold (1898 – 1962), Ida Zilpah M (1900 – 1941), Edward Donald (1902 – 1984), Nellie Elizabeth (1903 – 1985)

Rhoda died on 26th November 1935 at the age of 73

CIP 1915

In 1915 Rhoda had 6 sons serving in WW1 
On 10th September 1915 the following article appeared in the Cambridge Independent Press. Sidney joined up in December that year. To read about Harry & Rhoda’s children in WW1 click HERE

Rhoda with 2 of her sons.


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CFHS transcript of parish & grave records

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Researched by Steve Robertson – great grandson of the above & edited for FOMRC by Mary Naylor

Henry Wright; Rhoda Wright