The boundary line between the parishes of St Paul and St Bene’t (Benedict) runs from the west wall to the central path.

1. Wall stone
1. Wall stone
pa be substitute stone
2. Substitute stone

This boundary line runs from the west wall (adjacent to Anglia Ruskin University) across the western path to the central path.

It runs between the parish areas of St Paul and St Bene’t.

The wall stone [illustration 1] is so close to the ground that it has become partly buried. Moreover, the kerbstone of the first grave in the St Bene’t area has been placed square across the boundary line, thus partly obscuring the inscription, which should read ‘St. P. P. | St. B. P.’ The original free-standing stone at the central path has been lost and replaced by a concrete slab set flush with the ground [illustration 2]. Unfortunately, the person who made this substitute stone scratched the wrong parish initials into the wet concrete, identifying it incorrectly as the boundary stone between St Bene’t and St Andrew the Great. The inscription should read ‘St. P. P. | St. B. P.’.

Immediately flanking the wall stone are two of the finest graves in the cemetery, both listed by the Monuments Commission: to the left the handsome Gothic-style grave of James Rattee, and to the right the imposing column of the Moyes family.

By Ian Bent