Albert Brand was a police officer on the Cambridge Borough Police Force from at least 1887 until probably the late 1900s. The inscription on this grave, which also records the death of his wife and elder daughter, does not state that he was a policemen or tell us how long he served on the Force (as police graves in the cemetery generally do).

Albert Brand was born in the village of Little Shelford, near Cambridge, in about 1853, and his wife Mary was born in Hinxton around 1846. By 1887, the couple were living in 46 (then numbered 34a) Covent Garden, which had just been built and was a ‘tied’ police house. In 1895, Albert’s rank was that of police constable (No. 22).

In 1891, the couple had six children: Harry, aged 17, who was a wine merchant’s porter; Edmund, aged 15, a page; Albert, 12; Elizabeth, 9; Harriett, 6; and Elliott, 4; all at school. All six children were born in Cambridge, which suggests that Albert and Mary had been married and living in the town since at least 1874. Of these children, only Elizabeth’s death is recorded on this grave. Her married name was Lester.

The Brands left Covent Garden soon after 1895 and nothing further is currently known about where they lived and what happened to the other five children.

Brand grave
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Parish : St Andrew the Great

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By Ian Bent

Albert Brand