CFHS code : HT66

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of our dear Father and Mother JOHN and MARY ANN CANNON d — April 1922 in their 77th year also JOHN HARLOCK HOUGHTON d 27 Dec 1914 aged 54

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The headstone in February 2022.


This headstone has been hidden under ivy for many years. It stands 2 rows east of the path as it bends to the north in the south east corner of the parish of Holy Trinity. The carved inscription is now quite hard to read.


In Loving Memory of our dear Father and Mother JOHN and MARY ANN CANNON who departed this life – April 1922 in their 77th year 

Also JOHN HARLOCK HOUGHTON  who died Dec 27 1914 aged 54 years

Relationships: Husband, wife and wife’s brother

John Cannon (1844 – April 1922)

John was born in Childerley and was the son of John and Sarah. His father died when he was a small child and he grew up with his mother and step father William Hodson in Bourn (1851). Aged 16 he was living in Hardwick, and working as a carter for farmer John Hodson. He married Mary Ann Houghton on 24 December 1868 in Bourn and they had at least five children: Frederick Frank (1869-1949), Daisy Elizabeth (1873-1954), Lois Houghton (1876-1923), Percy John (1879-1944) and Sidney William (1882-1969). John and Mary started married life in Carlton, to the south of Cambridge and in 1871 he was working as an ‘engine driver for agriculture’.  By 1881 the family had moved to Gotobeds Yard, Mill Lane, Cambridge and he was a ‘steam mill engine driver’.  They later moved to 23 Little St. Mary’s Lane (at least 1891 onwards) and in 1911 John was working as a sack sewing machinist at a flour mill. He was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 2 May 1922.

Mary Ann Cannon (née Houghton) (1845 – April 1922)

Mary was born in Toft – the daughter of  shepherd William and Mary (née Harlock) and was baptised in Toft on 20 April 1845. Age 16 Mary was working as a housemaid at Ashburton Lodge in Bedford and married John Cannon when she was 23 years old. She is believed to have died a few days before her husband and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 25 April 1922.

John Harlock Houghton (27 March 1860 – 27 December 1914)

John was Mary’s brother, and was the youngest son of William and Mary Houghton. He was born in Bourn and grew up at Grange Farm in the village (1871). He was baptised at St. Mary the Great Church on 22 March 1874, perhaps whilst visiting his sister in Cambridge, and in 1881 was still living with his parents in Bourn and working as an agricultural labourer.  Aged 41, he was lodging at Kingsgate Road in Hampstead and working as a ‘carman’ for a carrier company. In 1911 he was still living in London, in a one room apartment but died at 23 Little St Mary’s Lane.



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by Claire Martinsen

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John Cannon; Mary Ann Cannon; John Harlock Houghton