CFHS code : HT449a

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of BENJAMIN COGMAN d Feb 21 1916 aged 72 also of HARRIET COGMAN four lines illegible WILLIAM GEORGE COGMAN d ——— aged 65

Monument : Headstone

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Benjamin Cogman (1843 – 21 February 1916)

Benjamin was the son of Benjamin and Sarah (née Hindes) and grew up at Staffordshire Place. His father was a painter/glazier and his mother worked as a stay (corset) maker. By 1861 his father had died and he was living with his mother and brother William at 37 Norfolk Street and working as a tailor. He married Harriet Turner in c.1868 and they had seven children: Annie Elizabeth (1869-1970), Flora (1871-1964), Ada (1875-1965), Ellen (Nellie) (1876-1932), William George (1881-1946), Millie (1885-1886) and one more child who died as an infant. The family lived at Gwydir Street (1871), 22 Norfolk Terrace (1881), 69 Norfolk Street (1891), 12 John Street (1901) and 57 Maid’s Causeway (1911). Benjamin continued to work as a tailor and Harriet was a launderess. He died at Addenbrookes Hospital and his funeral took place on 27 February.

Harriet Cogman (née Turner) (10 May 1845 – 6 November 1921)

Harriet was born in Waterbeach, the daughter of  thatcher William Turner and Mary Ann. She grew up at Fen End in Waterbeach and married Benjamin Cogman when she was c.23 years old. Harriet died at 62 Richmond Road aged 76 years old.

William George Cogman (27 April 1881 – 8 December 1946)

William was the only son of Benjamin and Harriet Cogman and worked as tailor like his father.  He married Adelaid Flack (1881-1913) c.1901 and they had seven children: Leslie (1901-1957), Archibald William (1903-1947), Elsie Mabel Flora (1904-1993), Ernest (1905-1905), Gladys (1905-1905), Winifred Gladys (1910-1981) and Leonard George (1912-1977). The family lived at 9 Edward Street (at least 1905-1913).

Adelaide died suddenly on 8 June 1913 aged 32 years old at Edward Street and her death was subject to an inquest.  William stated that ‘she had always suffered with her chest and head and he had had medical advice for her. Dr. Naish had attended her for about two years.  On Wednesday last her head was bad.  On Friday morning she was breathing badly (and William had sent) for Dr. Naish. He had just left, when she had a fit and he sent for the doctor again. Dr. Coombes came on Saturday, and on Sunday she was taken bad again and died in the afternoon’.  Dr Naish said she had died from urinic (now called uremic) poisoning and had an advanced stage of Bright’s disease (now known as Nephritis, a kidney disease).

After he was widowed he lived at 3 Mafeking Cottages, Bermuda Road, where he died aged 65 years old.



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Benjamin Cogman; Harriet Cogman; William George Cogman