CFHS code : PL380

Parish : St Paul


Monument : Headstone

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Relationship: Husband, wife, son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law

Charles Gotobed (1873-1899)

Charles was born in Littleport and was the son of William and Rebecca (née Barrett).  He grew up in Littleport where his father was a ‘poulterer’ (a dealer in poultry and game).  He married Daisy Staples in 1899, but died a few months into the marriage aged 25 years old,

William Ellis Staples (1848 – 10 June 1899)

William was the son of Ellis and Sarah, but as his father died when he was young he grew up with his mother and stepfather Edwin Davenport. Edwin was a tailor, Sarah a stay maker and the family lived at 44 Eden Street. William married in 1866 but in 1871 was back living at 44 Eden Stretet and was working as a college servant,

In 1881 he was living at 1 Broad Street with his lodger Louisa Randall and her four illegitimate children.  It is believed that the children might have been Williams as their middle names were given as Staples on the birth registers. At that time he was also noted as being married and was working as a letter carrier/postman.  There is no record of a marriage, but  in 1891 Louisa and William were noted as being married on the census.  They lived at 26 Covent Garden, where he was a letter carrier and she was a launderess. William appears to have formally adopted her four children who all took his name: William (1872-), Maud Augustus Ellen (1874-1967), Daisy (1878-1932) and Ada (1879). They also had a further three children: Bertram (Bert) (1887-1939), Horace Frederick (1887-1946) and Neville David (1889-1932). William died at Covent Garden on 10 June 1899.

Louisa Smith Staples (née Randall) (1850-1913)

Louisa was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah and was baptised on 15 September 1850 in Grantchester. Aged 20 she was working as a launderess for Robert and Elizabeth Rayner in Trumpington.  After William’s death she lived at Covent Garden with her three youngest sons and widowed daughter Daisy (1901) and was taking in laundry.  By 1911 she was living with sons Bert and Neville and two lodgers at the same address. She died in 1913 aged 62 years old,

Neville David Staples (1889-1932)

Neville was the youngest daughter of William and Louisa and worked as a stoker (1911).  He married Emily Peters in 1916 and they had at least one daughter: Sylvia M (1921-).  They lived at 2 Morleys Yard (1925) and Neville died in 1932 aged 43 years old.

Daisy Cundell (née Staples) (1877 – 1932)

Daisy was born Daisy Staples Randall, but later  took on the surname Staples.  She married and was widowed in 1899 and then married Albert Edward Cundell (1880-1961) in 1903.  The couple lived at 10 Cross Street and Albert worked as a railway boiler maker. They had three children: Albert Edward William Ellis (1904-1955),  Ivy May Irene (1909-1989) and Daisy Ethel Louisa (1911-2000).  It is believed that Daisy died at Cross Street.

Emily Louisa Pollendine (née  Peters) (15 January 1890 – 1982)

Emily was the daughter of Fredrick and Mary Ann and grew up at Cambridge Place.  By 1911 she was working as a laundry hand and living at home with her widowed mother and siblings.  She married Neville Staples in 1916 and then married for a second time  to Harold Pollendine (1873-) in 1934. They lived at 69 Russell Street and Harold was a platelayer for LNER. Emily died in Cambridge.



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Daisy Cundell; Charles Gotobed; Emily Pollendine; Louisa Staples; Neville Staples; William Ellis Staples