This monument was not recorded by CFHS as it is under a large bush. The sexton’s grave register was used to locate the grave which is to the left of the central path, in the parish area of St Paul.

There is a stone under this bush but it has not been possible to verify that it is a headstone for James and Mary Headly.

James Ind Headly (1813 – 29 January 1893)

James was the third child of Robert Headly and Sarah (née Ind) and  brother of Edward Ind Headly . He was born in Cambridge and married Mary Hickman on 14 March 1837 at St. Andrew the Great Church.  They lived at New Square (1841) before moving to the Eagle Foundry, Mill Road which he ran in partnership with his brother Edward.  In 1851 he was described as an engineer, coprolite merchant and  iron founder and the business was employing 80 men. The partnership was dissolved in  April 1852 and James then ran the Eagle Foundry alone. He and Mary later lived at The Limes, Mill Road (at least 1871-1881) and then 13 Warkworth Street (1891). The Eagle Foundry was sold in July 1887 and was described as ‘the Eagle Foundry, with the coprolite mill and building ground, with a frontage to Hooper Street, Cambridge and having a siding to the Great Eastern Railway and also the freehold residence with gardens and vinery, now in the occupation of the proprietor’. The engineering plant, machinery and stock were sold at auction in September 1887 and included: five lathes, two drilling machines, four punching and shearing machines, boiler plate bending machine etc. James died at Warkworth Street aged 79 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 2 February.

Mary Headly (née Hickman) (1819 – 25 February 1895)

Mary was born in Coton and died at Mawson Road aged 76 years old.



Newspaper archives

Parish burial records transcribed by CFHS

by Claire Martinsen

James Ind Headly; Mary Headly