CFHS code : BE83

Parish : St Bene’t

Inscription : MABEL HUDSON  d [June] 21 186- inscription not visible b Dec 1 1866 d June 11 1867

Monument : Stone cross (broken and fallen)/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The base of the cross in December 2020.
The east side of the monument.


This tiny broken cross is 2 or 3 rows east of the west path. The top of the cross lies behind the cross and bares the name of Mabel it is supposed that the other side may show Ernest’s name. The whole being enclosed by a simple set of kerbs.



[ERNEST HUDSON] b Oct 11 1863 d [June] 21 1864  inscription not visible

MABEL HUDSON  b Dec 1 1866 died June 11 1867

Ernest Hudson (1863 – 1864)

Ernest was the son of Rev. Robert and Marian (née Fisher) Hudson.   Robert was a Trinity College graduate who had left Cambridge in 1858 to become a mathematical master at Eton College (his alma mater).   He married Marian Fisher in St Benedict’s church on April 13th 1861.  In 1863 took the post of curate of All Saints’ Church.  Presumably the old church shown right that was demolished in 1865.
Ernest died in Cambridge when the family were living in Thompson’s Lane. He was only 6 months old. Parish records show that he was buried in this parish presumably here, although we have not found a full inscription.

Mabel Hudson (1 December 1866 – 11 June 1867)

All Saints Church in John’s St

Mabel was daughter of Robert and Marian Hudson. Although born at  Harston vicarage where her father was ‘Clerk in Holy orders’ she was baptised in St Benet’s Church by her father on February 2nd 1867 and buried in the same grave as her brother.

Robert & Marian left Cambridge in 1867 when Robert became a curate in Grantham, Lincolnshire.


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by Claire Martinsen and Mary Naylor

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Mabel Hudson