• Robert Bowes (Bowes & Bowes)
    booksellers and publishers
  • Arthur Deck
    Arthur Deck was a chemist with a shop on Market Hill.
  • Daniel Gentle
    Daniel Gentle, senior (1857-1929), was a grocer
  • James Holliman; Louisa Holliman
    Inscription : kerbs In Loving Memory of LOUISA wife of JAMES HOLLIMAN d July 20th 1931 aged 69 also of JAMES HOLLIMAN d August 2nd 1932 aged 73 flower holder Mother and Dad
  • Frederick William Leavis
    (c1860-1905) was a Cambridge piano dealer
  • Matthew & Son
    Grocers of Trinity Street
  • Miller’s Music
    Featuring prominently in the life of Cambridge for well over a century, Miller’s Music began at 6 Sidney Street in 1856
  • Henry Moden
    Cambridge brewers who owned The Tiger public house at 4/5 East Road from the mid-1850s to 1889
  • James Sanders
    florist, nurseryman and seed merchant, best known for having discovered a hitherto unknown species of snowdrop.
  • Robert Sayle
    developed a successful drapery and haberdashery shop as well as being a JP
  • George Scales
    brewer, wine and spirit merchant in Cambridge from 1866 to 1904, also a town councillor and influential civic figure
  • Sennitt family
    butchers, poulterers and fishmongers